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JDXLA-CollaborationJdL Jewellery x Louise Androlia

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About the Collaboration:

I’m beyond thrilled to announce my first Jewellery collection in collaboration with my dear friend Jessica de Lotz. Jessica and I have been friends for many years and have always had a strong creative affinity.

When we first sat down to talk, as I spoke about everything I believe in I let Jessica into my own inner kingdom, my never-never land of sorts. And in turn we fell down the rabbit hole together. Jessica is a true storyteller with an incredible ability to create pieces infused with personality and soul. The combination of our unique takes on the world around us has given us a non-stop passion for this project.

A talisman is an object that is said to contain a magical element to bring good luck to the wearer. I like to believe that we are the co creators of our own luck and that this collection brings the talisman to the present day – Where you are your own magician. I believe in empowerment through self-awareness and self-knowledge and it is this message that I wanted our wearer to gain from their new treasure –Personal power and Embodiment.

 As an Astrology enthusiast I was keen to bring my love for the stars to the pieces and so have designed from my heart artwork inspired by each sign. Astrology shows us that we are not victims of fate, but in fact, destiny is our partner in crime. I have also pulled in some of my favourite symbols to use and each piece comes with an empowerment sentiment and is set with a tiny crystal bringing unique gifts to the wearer.



About the Collection:

Our collection, ‘As Above, So Below’ draws on Astrology and embraces the concept of ‘the present’ to create a truly personal & evocative range. Throughout our journey, we we’re inspired by a 1940’s sepia photograph of a yesteryear pin-up clown girl, we called ‘Celeste.’ She feels very close to us now and is a part of every piece in our collection.

Each piece is designed to bring the wearer inner power and understanding, with signs including the infinity symbol, an awakened eye and the Zodiac, skilfully reimagined through Louise’s unique illustrations. Each symbol has been individually engraved & then hand-stamped to form Jessica’s signature wax seals and placed in a special setting wrought with symbolism.


All Illustrations and Artwork for the As Above, So Below collection are COPYRIGHT © Louise Androlia 2014