• Women and Feelings –

    I’m currently working on a series of painted women, and some feelings. I was studying BA Painting at Chelsea College of Art in 2002 before I had to leave the course¬†early due to illness. It feel

  • The Power of Negative Thinking

    A couple of years ago I was sitting at the dining table and my dear friend said to me. “One of the¬†things that I really like about you is that generally you think quite positive, but you are alw

  • Portraits Now Available!

    I am now offering portrait commissions. I will happily paint you, your lover, your friend, your pet, your child, your hero.. See here for more details and view some recent completions below!

  • Home

    I trace out the furniture and scenes around me. The dusty chest of drawers in Florence, my spectacles, thyroxine and water always on the nightstand, that diorama like hotel room full of promises and l

  • A Doorway

    Unexpected change shoves you through an unknown doorway and seals the edges forever shut. I spent my first months living close to that doorway, scratching my nails until they bled, trying to get back

  • New Print Series

    A few new prints are now in my shop from my new ongoing series Body and Feelings. These are paintings based on things I have been personally experiencing and studying within my body. To start with, an