Louise Androlia is an artist and writer whose artwork and words are inspired by her own life and healing experiences, always with the intention of helping others feel less alone.

Born and raised in England and now based in Los Angeles, over the years Louise has worn many hats: Life Coach, Lingerie Designer for her own Brand ‘Loulou Loves You’, Tarot Therapist and Tutor, Massage Therapist and Public Speaker; and underpinning all of these different guises has been her curiosity for self expression and creativity.

Always interested in collaboration opportunities Louise has an ongoing fine jewellery collection with Jessica de Lotz and  recently completed a mixed media venture ‘Petrichor‘ with Photographer Laetitia Wajnapel.

Louise’s works have been featured in many publications, including Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Numinous, Mademoiselle Robot, Live the Process and Rookie. She currently has some poems published in the New River Press Yearbook.

She has a particular interest in mental health issues especially PTSD which has strongly impacted her life, as well as all aspects of nature and the animal kingdom which has strongly saved it.

She is currently taking portrait, illustration, and selected writing and photography commissions and would love to hear from you.

CV available upon request.