Emotion Makes Way for Empathy.


In recent weeks we have woken up to the truth and to reality. And with that we have the opportunity to stop being silent.

Silence, avoidance and bypassing are privileges that only some people are lucky enough to have. And if we stay in that bubble then we will lose our capacity for connection, community and change.

This isn’t just for how we take in the world around us, but also for how we take on our own individual experiences. It is so easy to numb out and avoid our pain, too easy. To face reality and all of the anxiety that it may bring is not comfortable. However, to create space for our own growth and to also become more compassionate and empathetic, it is this discomfort that we must start to introduce ourselves to. It can seem like our own painful feelings may swallow us whole – but surely enough, they don’t. They instead form a well of discovery to lead us back to where our wounds were formed, and also, if we are willing to be humble – where our opinions were too.

Keep feeling it all, whatever is on your plate right now to feel. We must feel, and not stop feeling.

It is right to step up and rally, but it is also a time of grieving and we can only do that through accessing our painful emotions. When we feel deeply we are with reality – whatever it brings. When we feel deeply we don’t buy into all the lies and traps that are laid before us. When we feel deeply it become apparent to us who in our community needs our help. It we do not feel then we will not see our friends who are in pain. We might not notice those around us who are not choosing silence but who are terrified into silence.

Taking action or being tough does not have to be instead of feeling it all. You can do both.

Emotions are not weaknesses or something you have to push aside in order to stride forwards with strength. They are your powers to uncover your humility, discernment and truth.

Practice starting to show up for the painful truths and reality and let those emotions be the fuel for avoidance no more. Like many people with a lot of privilege, for most of my life I have always had the easy option of bypassing what goes on in the world if I wanted to. I have also worked for years in an industry that promotes avoidance and false positive over reality.

Now, no more.
Show some love for your fellow humans every day. Do you notice how connection happens the moment you share feelings with someone else? Friendships are being formed and deepened right now because of your sensitivity.

Feel your feelings, access your traumas.

Grief can hold hands with strength.

Now is a time for action AND emotion.

Emotion makes way for empathy.


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