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Your appointment will be held at The White Crane Clinic in Primrose Hill, London. Please see here for full details.

Your first appointment will include a free 15-minute confidential consultation where I will talk to you about your health history, any current problems and some basic questions about your lifestyle. This discussion will help me be able to understand your current situation and give you the best treatment possible.

I will leave the room whilst you undress. Towels will be draped over your body during the session and moved only to expose the part of the body being worked on at any given time. The pressure of the massage can be adjusted to your comfort level; we will also discuss this before the treatment as everyone usually has a different preference. Oil will be used for the treatment.

A Reiki treatment is performed with you fully clothed lying on your back on the couch. A Reiki treatment is very relaxing and it is quite common to fall asleep or into a light dream like state of relaxation.
There are various things that you could experience during a treatment, sometimes the healing will feel very warm, occasionally a tingling or a gentle pulsing of energy can be felt and sometimes you will feel nothing at all. Reiki is working on a deeper level and as physical and emotional healing begins you can also experience rushes of emotions. Everything is normal and nothing is to be feared.

Most clients experience a deep sense of relaxation, calm and often a great feeling of clarity after the treatment.
If you find yourself noticing colours, shapes or having visual daydreams during the treatment it is great to pay attention to those as help for your healing process.

After the treatment you will be left to relax for a moment and we will have a brief discussion to discuss how you feel and talk about any homecare treatment.

It is likely that you will feel wonderful after your treatment however massage treatment can have a similar effect to a detox because the body has been encouraged to release toxins. You could notice a headache or feel an unloading of emotions. These are normal reactions and I would encourage you to drink plenty of water post treatment and also have a relaxing rest of your day and evening.

There are no contraindications to having Reiki. You may notice the effects of your treatment for up to a couple of days after as the Reiki assists your body to heal.

As with massage the effect can be similar to that of a detox as the body works to eliminate toxins and stress, so a headache or heightened emotional sensitivity are possible. You may find old memories pop up as the holistic self begins healing, this is totally normal. Drinking plenty of water and being easy on yourself for the rest of the day is recommended.