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About Tarot readings / Pricelist

TAROT THERAPY with Louise Androlia

“Despite being a remote session, across continents no less, Louise’s tarot reading was more accurate and in-depth than any I have experienced before. Describing what she saw in my cards in a simple yet detailed way, everything was explained fully (in writing, so that I could go back and re-read everything when I needed) and with reference to what was going on in specific areas of my life – past, present and future. Best of all, she brings her natural life-coaching abilities to the table, offering gentle suggestions and advice where relevant.”

“I believe in a modern approach to traditional ‘fortune telling’. I believe in creating our own futures, so although it’s possible to have glimpses into the distance, everything beyond now is fluid and what is the most inspiring is to look at your present and then see how to craft out your amazing potential ahead.”

Why have a Tarot reading?

  • You are feeling stuck in a rut; you want to move forwards but are struggling to work out how.
  • You having trouble staying positive in a period of change and want advice on how to cope with the transition.
  • You are about to start a new job and want to realise its full potential.
  • You want some direction on how to approach a specific situation in your life.
  • You feel fantastic and want to investigate new ways to push further ahead.
  • You would like advice about a relationship.





“My passion is to help my clients feel enthusiastic, magical, inspired and full of potential.”

About me, my spiritual insight and how I like to work with the Tarot

I take a holistic and spiritual approach to life which has grown through my experiences. I have learned how my body, mind and spirit work which helps me to cope with day-to-day life as well as fresh challenges. I believe that the key to feeling well is getting to know ourselves so that we can find our own balance without feeling the need to compare ourselves to others.

My psychic gifts first became apparent to me when I was a teenager. I have always ‘known’ things, had intuitive knowledge of situations and believed in the ‘Universe’ as my guide. I have made this central to my practice and feel strongly that we can all tune in to a ‘sixth sense’ if we so desire/choose. Although I have read tarot at various times for the past ten years, I did not settle down into my current path until two years ago when I began attending the London College of Psychic Studies every week to work first
on my psychic development, and later on Tarot.

I now feel passionate about using these gifts to help others and continuing to learn and apply my experiences to further educate me on my own journey.

About my readings

It sometimes seems that people are so desperate to know their ‘future’, or just to find proof that psychic abilities are real, that they are ignoring their present. Of course it is wonderful when someone can see what is going on with you but what I find more useful and fulfilling is when someone can see a current situation and then give you advice to move forward from that situation. I combine the cards with my psychic abilities to tune in and give practical advice which you can revisit and use again and again.

Information for you

Before your reading (if it is via email) we will have a brief email discussion in as much or little detail as you like so that when I turn cards I will be tuning into that situation. My readings are given from the perspective of assisting you to help yourself: I want to help you in the best way for you, and your reading will be tailored accordingly.

Please see the Pricelist page for more information about your reading.