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I am currently booked up for readings until March 2015. 

Tarot sessions take place either in person in Los Angeles, or via Skype.

To book please choose from the options at the bottom of this page and contact me.


I believe in a modern approach to what is often labelled as ‘fortune telling’.

We are the co-creators of our own futures, working alongside our own journey and the world around us. Although it’s possible to have glimpses into the distance, everything beyond the present moment is fluid. The present is the only place that we can take action and feel empowered!

I want you to feel empowered and will guide you to reconnect to your mind, body and spirit in order to be able to move forwards with less fear of the unknown.


Tarotguidance Why have a Tarot reading?

  •  You are feeling blocked and unsure of your next steps.
  • You feel out of control and detached from your own personal power.
  • You are feeling fearful and in need of productive healing therapy.
  • You having trouble staying positive in a period of change and want advice on how to cope with the transition.
  • You are about to start a new job and want to realise its full potential.
  • You want some direction on how to approach a specific situation in your life.
  • You feel fantastic and want to investigate new ways to push further ahead.
  • You would like advice about a relationship.

“Despite being a remote session, across continents no less, Louise’s tarot reading was more accurate and in-depth than any I have experienced before. Describing what she saw in my cards in a simple yet detailed way, everything was explained fully (in writing, so that I could go back and re-read everything when I needed) and with reference to what was going on in specific areas of my life – past, present and future. Best of all, she brings her natural life-coaching abilities to the table, offering gentle suggestions and advice where relevant.”

My Method

 My passion is helping my clients feel enthusiastic, magical, inspired and full of potential.


It is important to let you know that I will not be telling your future and so if you seeking this then I might not be the one for you! However if you are looking for a modern day spiritual boost then read on…

Think of this like a one off awesome and inspired therapy session.

While I fully believe you can see the future, it is completely fluid up until the moment it happens and if we project ourselves out of the present moment we become very static. Often people want to know the future and then they then just sit and wait for things to happen. Nothing will happen if we don’t start working hand in hand with destiny and understand that we are the co-creators of our lives!

My goal is to guide you to work with your present, reclaim a sense of personal power and then go forth and participate in your adventure. Tarot teaches us about the human experience and what we might encounter on the way through and I believe it to be a wonderful tool of guidance.

You can read more about me here, but the way that I like to use my intuition is to be in sync with  you in order to reinterpret your situation for you and give you practical and inspirational advice to put into play as you move ahead.

Please read

The services I offer are not fortune-telling; instead, they help clients move forwards in a positive way and seek to inspire and bring joy. The goal is to encourage clients to regain self empowerment. If you are seeking a session with a medium to get in touch with loved ones then I can highly recommend Gill Travitzky as an insightful and trusted medium. 

The first time I had a tarot card reading with Loulou it was mostly out of curiosity, I’m not sure what I expected if anything. Louise did such an amazingly insightful reading I was blown away. Not only does she read the cards she explains everything really clearly and in such a practical no-nonsense way. I came away feeling uplifted and positive that my life was on the right track.


1 – Via Skype

I am currently seeing all my clients via Skype and am so happy to have clients around the world. Occasionally I am in London for in person readings so please check with me when you email for availability in person.

My Tarot readings will always be of the intent to help you move forward in your life. I love the Tarot so during a reading you also get a little schooling in the art – Come with questions! .

- $150 (90mins) Please contact me via email to discuss any queries and for appointment times.

Readings via Skype will include an audio mp3 recording of our session.

3 – Events

Please visit the Events page and contact me via email to discuss options.