How to Manifest: A simple three step process.


(Looking out at my new city.)

As you may know, I just scored a major deal with my dreams and have relocated from London to Los Angeles. When hearing the news, so many people said OMG YOU MANIFESTED THIS! and I said, yeah I did! But like many other words that get thrown around one a penny, manifest is one of the biggest.

So, how do you manifest? What does it actually mean? and how can we all get on this dream train.

A huge part of the way I work is to lay down the basics for living life in a more peaceful and less fearsome way. Every day I am in contact with people who are trying to change things about themselves or their lives but skipping ahead to the action and expecting results without really understanding why they are doing something in the first place. In my opinion it’s pretty hard to change things without knowing why you want to do it.

So this is a short and simple guide to what I believe is the manifesting process. You will find all sorts of explanations in books and online, this is just what I resonate with and what works for me and I want to share it with you! You can also let me know which areas you’d like me to dive in deeper with.

Ok, here we go!

A simple three step process to manifesting.

❤ 1. Intention

This shows you getting aligned with your plans, ideas, hopes and dreams. We need to have our ideas first right?

So how do you craft your intentions?

  • Think from your highest place of love and health.
  • Craft your ideas only from a positive source. Do not let fear be your root because it is not stable, nothing can grow from there that will serve you the best.
  • Ask yourself: What do I really want to achieve here?
  • Focus on your feeling, How do you want to feel?
  • Be specific but not limiting: This may sound contra indicatory but the key here is to think expansively. For example say you are looking for a new job. If you are thinking in a limited way then you may hone in on only one possible outcome for yourself. Making an expansive intention would be thinking about the field or area that you are hoping to work in yet being open to unexpected opportunities. This is the basics of pulling in self love to the intention also – start with an open mind in order to be more creative with your thinking.
  • Don’t limit yourself, dream the biggest dream, believe that you can, know that change is always possible.

❤ 2. Action

We need the action. No one has got anything they really wanted by waiting for it.

You cannot just daydream up what you want and wait for it to magically appear. You have to do the work.


  • Put your intentions in to place and be practical. Action is a step by step process.
  • Write a killer business plan, hey even write a killer life plan.
  • Think expansively – this means being vulnerable, excited and open to all possibilities.
  • What are the actions that you can take today to get things moving?
  • Fear is immobilizing, when you take one step the Universe will push you two more. Do not be afraid.
  • Recognise that fear of failure is normal but failure doesn’t exist.
  • Care for your health. Manifesting isn’t about wearing out your adrenals. Don’t push yourself and never punish yourself.
  • Stay present and get on with your days: I expected to hear news within 6 weeks and it took 12 months. Things did not plan out how I thought that they ‘should’ but they were  in perfect timing. You mustn’t race off into the future even when manifesting! The present moment is the only thing that is real.
  • Get yourself a dream buddy. Share your ideas and actions with a friend, check in with each other, support each other. Surrender together.

❤ 3. Surrender

  • Now this is the big one! You know how I love the SURRENDER practice! – So you’ve made the intentions and then start acting and then what? —- Well you have to SURRENDER.
  • You do not have to get controlling. Obsessing over what you want is like placing a jar over a butterfly and expecting it to fly.
  • Nothing can come into reality unless it can breathe. Everything needs to be alive.
  • The surrender process allows flow and for things to move as they should. Recognize that the intention and actions are your guide, then the surrender is the force that will take them to where they should go.
  • SURRENDER THE OUTCOME – This was a big part of me and my visa process. I knew what I wanted and I knew the steps, but how can you accept that you might not get what you want?
  • Know that the outcome will be perfectly aligned even if it is not what you originally had ‘planned’. This is a humbling and difficult process a lot of the time, and we often don’t get to see the why of a situation until further down the road. Trust that the meaning will become clear to you.
  • When you surrender you free yourself up to receiving what is the best for you. I promise that you will not become ‘out of control’. There is in fact a lot less anxiety in surrender than in control.


(For when you feel unsure)

Obsessing over what you want is like placing a jar over a butterfly and expecting it to fly


As an example, this is a little of what the manifestation process looked like for my big move.

Intentions: I want to leave London, I want to live in LA! I love it there, it feels like home, I have so many friends there, I feel ready for a BIG adventure, I think it’s a great place to continue exploring my journey. The weather will be amazing for my autoimmune disease, I can work from anywhere, I feel at my best and most connected to myself when I am there. And so on. I didn’t make intentions because I wanted to hide from something or run away.

Action: I contacted a lawyer to just see what my options were. At this point I didn’t know what they were, but I knew that there was no point wishing and guessing, I needed concrete options. Then I started the process.

Surrender: This was the biggest surrender of my life to date. I wanted this, really was ready for it and my intuition and guidance from spirit was a big YES from day one. However, what would happen if it didn’t happen? My biggest fear was that if it didn’t work out how I planned then I would lose my faith in my journey. However to stay in the surrender I reminded myself that I had either way committed to moving away from London which was my primary intention and that was going to happen either way.

Everyday as per usual I woke up and said I SURRENDER. Every time I was afraid of what was ahead I knew that all was exactly as it should be. I chose to trust in my journey and deep down knew that whatever happened it was going to be just right.

Other things I did:

I got myself READY: this mean cleaning up and being totally ready to move. In another scenario – say you want to leave your job: Write a resignation letter and seal it up and keep it in a drawer. Energetically this creates the space for new opportunities to come in. For me, I did the clean up, I did my taxes and started planning what the outline of my life outside london would look like.

Oh and I wore palm tree trousers for most of the year ;)

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Louniversity: Tarot Tutorial – Surrender Spread


To honour tonights New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio I thought that I would design a new Tarot Spread. The theme is Surrender! Of course.. you know it’s my favourite way of living and the most frequent conversation that I have with my clients.

If you’d like to know more about the New Moon Eclipse then head here to my favourite babes The Astro Twins for their insights. The part that I’m really interested in is the Scorpio factor! I’m a Scorpio as you may know and I consider us to be the deep sea divers of the Zodiac. Scorpio rules death and rebirth and I’ve found that over the years life really swings more in my favour the more that I embrace change and am willing to reinvent myself over and over.

After all, I believe that life is a journey and is a wonderful spiral of evolving cycles. We are here to constantly make like a Phoenix and let go in order to make space for the new. This is what Surrender is all about! – allowing life to flow so that we feel less stress and are more connected to our mind, body and spirit.

So with this in mind, I have created you a Surrender Spread. The aim of this spread is to remind you of and highlight what needs surrendering in your life and what might be holding you back from doing so. From there you can look at what might be awaiting for you in the space you clear as well as the hidden message that your inner soul system is trying to remind you of.

This spread is perfect to do:

  • Each month on the New Moon
  • At any significant point of change
  • When you feel really stuck
  • When you are ready to invite change into your life
  • When you are ready to surrender!

I would also really love to help you with your own spreads, so if you end up using this then please join the conversation on my Facebook page and leave me a comment if you’d like help interpreting yours. I’d love to chat with you! You can also tag me on instagram to your posts and I’ll see you there.



Surrender Spread

What you need: A deck of Tarot cards. You could also try this spread with your Angel cards or other decks that you like. It’s easy to adapt once you get creative and have fun.

This is a Five Card Spread and I have laid out instructions below. The second card is placed over the first and then the remaining three are laid out beyond.

  1. What do I need to let go of / release / surrender?

You probably already have an idea of this question. If so then deal the spread with this in mind and this serves as showing you what the deeper meaning behind the need for surrender is. If you don’t know what it is that you need to let go of then look at this card with fresh eyes and an open heart. This is not a time for self judgment, only kindness and a will to explore your experience.

2.  What is holding me back from doing so? 

This is the card that provides insight into might be blocking you. This is the position that requires the most surrender from you when reading as it’s easy for us at this point to try and talk ourselves out of freeing ourselves from restrictions. This card may bring up your biggest fear or even an external influence that is restricting you.

3.  What will help me to move forward?

This is your action card. The card in this position shows you what will assist you during the forthcoming transition that you seek. Soak this card up and look at it from all angles. This is the card to dive into and let it bring you insights and a new perspective.

       4.  By letting go of what I no longer need, what will I clear space for?

When we surrender and remove things from our life that are no longer serving for us we clear a space for something new! This is one of the concepts that really helps me when I know I need to move forwards. It can be easy for us to think that if we ‘let go’ then we are losing something, when in fact it’s the total opposite. You don’t lose anything but you do free yourself a great big space to receive. This position might give you some insight into what is waiting for you as you step into your best self.

5.  What secret messages does my inner soul system want to remind me of?

This is the bonus card that allows your highest self to step forward and remind you of what you already know. It’s a card of reassurance, compassion and soul knowledge.


❤ Now it’s your turn!

If you try this spread out for yourself then please share with me on my usual social media channels as below. I’ve also started a conversation on my Facebook page here and am happy to help you interpret your Surrender Spreads if you’d like to share.



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