ENERGY – Part 1 – What is it? and How to protect your energy

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I have a lot of questions from people about energy protection and also notice myself offering advice to people because i notice when they are unknowingly taking on feelings and stresses from other people.

This piece is a basic introduction to thinking about yourself as an energetic being and I believe it is one of the keys to beginning to look after yourself in the way that you deserve.

I first started to really think about and consider my own energy as a physical and spiritual thing when I first moved to London about 12 years ago. Although I’d already for a few years been heading down towards my spiritual path I hadn’t really got to grips with my own space and how to look after myself.

What is energy?

“Mind – body – spirit. One part of this ‘spirit’ is your energy, it’s why your mood can change off the back of someone else’s without them even speaking and it’s why a building or space can feel strange or uplifting. Energy is what everything and every person is made of, it is invisible and it is contagious. Your energy field is around you, up to 6ft in a sphere. This space houses all your thoughts and feelings.”

If you think about everything being made of energy, you, the floor, the table, your book, your pets, the trees and so on, so we are all connected, we are all made from the same stuff, you are me, I am you. You ARE energy.

Following on from this, becoming familiar with your own energy means that you then will consciously become more aware of other peoples and the energy of your environment around you.
This in turn can help you find it easier to understand how to cope in situations and also notice when and how you need to think about protecting your own space.

How will I notice the effect of mine and others energies? 

A simple example of energy between people that I think everyone can relate to: Have you ever felt your mood change because of the mood of your friend, partner, mother, child – for instance you sit with someone crying and you become overwhelmingly sad or you are around someone who is clearly in a bad mood and suddenly you are feeling tetchy and irritable too. I think we have all experience this and that is as simple as the fact that you are picking up on their energy.

It’s the same way that you might notice yourself feeling tired and lethargic when you are around a friend who has a negative attitude or is constantly moaning, you will feel their energy.

You may notice that places have a similar effect on you. For instance some parts of hospitals may feel very draining, and if you consider the amount of unwell people in the building it makes sense.

That incredibly claustrophobic feeling that you can experience in the city at rush hour, or on public transport when it’s busy. If you imagine your field reaching out possibly in a 1-2 metre circle around you, then when you are next to others so close then they are IN your field and vice versa.

Maybe some places just don’t feel ‘right’ to you. Another example of you picking up on energies. In a psychic sense we may also feel energy from spirit, so places that are loaded with history e.g old Churches may to you feel different to a newer space. If we consider what may have happened in buildings in the past you can imagine the remnants of lives left behind.

Of course we will also be in places where we notice the energy being very uplifting and happy, or when we are surrounded by people with positive and inspiring attitudes.

It’s really important to be aware of your own energy field and your own thoughts in order to protect yourself from collecting every mood and feeling around you that is not your own. You can’t be at your best is you’re not totally whole.

So where do we go from that? 

I think it’s safe to say that ideally we would all like to be in control of our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. The last thing we want is to also be carrying the feelings from all those around us whether they be family or strangers in the street.

I also feel that we are unable to help someone in need if we are taking on their troubles. If your partner is upset the last thing you want is to be upset too. This is different to feeling sympathetic and empathetic which of course you still feel, but you don’t want to take on their energy. What you need is your own strengths and reserves to be able to help people.

This is a good example for people who are therapists, carers, doctors etc. If you took on the energy of every client that walked through your door then you are likely to feel very tired, confused and ungrounded at the end of the day.

How do I protect my energy?

One of the most powerful abilities we have is to visualise. Visualisation is so effective for protecting our energy, clearing our space and of course manifesting the life that we wish to have.

I will talk about other exercises for clearing yourself when you already feel sluggish and for manifesting in other posts but for now here are some ways to protect your own energy via visualisation methods.

If you think you’d benefit from keeping your space to yourself as it were then please try these, even if it sounds like a strange idea it will help. Echoing what I started this piece with, when I first moved to London I found it hugely overwhelming, I felt sick and claustrophobic the whole time and never quite all there. I researched into psychic protection and energy protective methods and started trying them out. I now see this visualisation as part of my every day routine, one moment to ‘see’ something and it’s there for your day.


The exercise / your new positive habit!

Visualise (‘see’) something protective around yourself, whatever is the most natural for you to envisage.

I personally see myself surrounded in a protective bubble or a bright white / golden light. Other suggestions could be an egg or a coat of armour, or see yourself wrapped up in a thick velvet floor length cloak.

Get into the habit of always having it there. Wake up, get dressed etc, then visualise your protection, this will keep your energy with you and stop everyone else’s sticking to you.

Remember that your energy is like a bright shining light open to being stuck to by dust and dirt from all around you. Once you have visualised it, then it’s there, but do it every day and reinforce if you are in a crowded space or maybe even somewhere you feel less safe or where you know the energy might be quite strong – eg a doctors surgery.

If it sounds silly then try it anyway, because it works, tried and tested for years, I’m VERY aware when i haven’t protected myself. What you visualize IS real.

Another visualisation that’s good for when you’re around other people who are maybe sad, upset, angry, is to see a mirror between you and them and this keeps their energy in their own space. As I said before I think it’s impossible to help someone (which is the goal right?) if being with them just makes you sad too.

NEW Energy Awareness Workshop!

This is such an important and enjoyable subject for me to speak about and I have now started running a 90 minute workshop. The workshop can be taken as part of a group or one on one.


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