Mercury Retrograde

Let’s look at Mercury Retro in a different way..

OH NO! Mercury Retrograde! three to four times a year Mercury casts a little spell over us, communication goes into breakdown, travel plans go haywire, computers break, email messages are misread, deals fall apart, the biggest crush of your life doesn’t reply to your text..
Oh and we have a planet to blame!
Sometimes I find myself really noticing when Mercury appears to be shimmying backwards, I remember one month where my computer broke for the entire three weeks and then suddenly was fine the day that Mercury got it’s act together. Last time I found everything seemed to be no different to any other week. Of course each star sign has different things to learn and endure during each day, month, year of our lives. I’m a Scorpio with Pisces moon and Taurus rising. I’m going to feel different to every single one of you who reads this, and Mercury retrograde is likely to feel different for us all.

Anyway here are some ideas to tackle the next three weeks, in maybe a different way. I like to think of it as an opportunity to break some bad habits and maybe improve our personal ways of communication.

1- Communication breakdown
Mercury rules communication, so be aware that things ‘could’ be a little bit more of a challenge this month.  Maybe it’s not the best time to send a slightly nuts or ‘open to interpretation’ text/email to the current object of your affection, or strike up an argument with your lover or best friend.
Could this be a chance to chill a little? play a few less games? be more honest? take a break from some drama? If technology is failing you or to be on the safe side, how about some one on one time with your loved ones, less twitter/text/bbm/whatsapp.
A lot of astrologers say that this isn’t a great time to sign contracts, so maybe this is the opportunity to take time over our life choices, if you do need to sign something then put a bit of extra love into it, be sure you want it and if it’s right then there is strength in that.
Oh and why not back up your hard drive? it probably needs doing anyway, right? RIGHT!

2- OH sweet sweet nostalgia!
Anyone else find that Mercury retro makes them start swaying and swooning to the tune of the good old days? or you start getting bombarded with messaged from people you knew ages ago, your old boss gets back in touch with you after years of no contact.
I know, let’s all email that guy/girl we kissed four years ago… what! no don’t do that! let’s spend a few hours clearing up whatever those feelings are and start thinking about the crush we are going to kiss tomorrow, next month, next year.
This can be a great time to do some good old clearing out of feelings from the past, if you suddenly find yourself having some crazy feelings about a friend, a lover, a boss, maybe this is your chance to clear them out, do a bit of a brain spring clean, work out WHY these feelings are coming up, don’t send them some sort of scary/wacky/mean/emotional email. Look out for ‘YOU’, use this as a time to do an emotional cleanse.
Oh and maybe if you’re thinking about the guy/girl you met recently, alternatively maybe there is a reason for that, maybe you SHOULD be in touch.. (but I mean, totally wait till these three weeks are up, you don’t want to be ‘that’ guy)
Be aware that the past usually comes back for a reason, so, what is the reason?

3 – Travel plans
Ok, why not be on the safe side, double triple check you have your tickets, try and be really on top of your plans, consider your options if things change.
BUT – If your plane/train gets delayed then you know what? worse things have happened! be prepared with books, music, journals. Enjoy the wait. I always find it strange when people get so mad about having to wait in a line at the post office, bank, bar etc.. it’s no big deal, relax, retreat into your daydreams for a moment, be still, use it as a chance to be in the now.
Always be aware that things DO happen for a reason, maybe you miss a train but maybe you bump into an old friend or something awesome happens, or maybe not.. but hey, be open to opportunities.
4 – NEW IDEAS – get ready!
I think if anything then these few weeks are ideal for making plans, maybe not set anything in stone but brainstorm! draw, write, think, dream, get ready for when the three weeks end and bundle all those ideas into your future.
Be positive about opportunities, let things happen, let life flow, be kind to yourself, water your dreams. Use your intuition to guide you, clear out psychic ties, spring clean your life a bit, reflect, don’t obsess about feeling like you are moving backwards, be still, enjoy it…