ENERGY – Part 3 – How to ground your energy

I know I’m putting this as part three (please see the links to the other parts at the end of this post) but It’s probably the most important thing to practice once you are aware of your energy and have become accustomed to protecting it and maybe also noticing when you haven’t?

I also want to say that all of these energy posts are very beneficial even from a totally non spiritual perspective, energy is what we are made of, so just remember that even just the mood of another person is enough to change your mood. It’s all part of considering ourselves holistically and doing our best to look after our health.

Ok so what does being ‘grounded’ mean?

When we are fully grounded we are totally in the present moment, it means we are connected to our feelings and our bodies. We feel focused and energised. Grounding is feeling connected to the earth element, so the feeling of being literally ‘on the ground’.

To illustrate this It might be easier to give some examples of what feeling ‘ungrounded’ could be like.

How might I feel if I am ungrounded?

  • Dizzy
  • Feeling a little ‘up in the air’ and not quite ‘with it’
  • Feeling very tired and scattered and emotional.
  • Feeling very thought orientated and having a head full of stresses and worries.
  • A general feeling of being a little disconnected.
  • Anxious.

NB: Yes, all of the above can be associated with other illnesses physical and mental so please if you are for instance dizzy after a head injury go and see your doctor.

How and why could I be ungrounded?

When we are totally in balance we should feel well. Any small thing emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually could cause us to go slightly out of balance and feel not our very best. I know the exact feeling of not being grounded so am very aware of it. As you become more familiar with your energy and living in a holistic way then you will really know when your mood or ill ease is because of your energy.

Things that can leave us feeling ungrounded

  • Being in any environment where we are amongst a lot of other people can leave us feeling ungrounded. A stressful day at the office and traveling on a packed train is a perfect example. This is from taking on a lot of other peoples energies and the exercises here will help you prevent this. This is even more significant if you are working along side very negative people or if you are in conflict with someone around you.
  • Spending too much time over thinking, obsessing (gasp, controlling!) – If being grounded is about being ‘earthy’ then when we are using a lot of mental energy we are in the ‘air’ element, up in the sky with our thoughts. We always need a perfect balance so too much air then we might be not as connected to our earth element as we should be.
  • The weather – I personally feel that I am very affected by the change in weather, when it is thundery I get headaches and more recently I’ve noticed with the strange muggy and rainy ‘Summer’ in London I have been feeling very ungrounded, maybe my head is literally in those rainclouds. I think we all understand that the weather has an effect on our moods, the energy of the sunshine can make us feel giddy and positive, so it makes sense that different patterns in the climate can have an influence on us also.
  • Traveling – Slipping through time zones makes me feel SO ungrounded. I think it’s a combination of you being in a small place with a lot of people for often hours on end, eg a long flight, coupled with a disruption to a regular sleeping routine. I mean how could you possibly feel balanced! See all my tips for Energy Care when travelling here.
  • Stress and anxiety – As someone who suffered extreme panic attacks and anxiety in the past I would say that when you are feeling anxious or in the throws of a panic attack then you are extremely ungrounded, again because your balance is off, and you are very much focused on the situation itself, so of course not feeling well.
  • Spiritual and Psychic work – Any type of work where we are connecting to spirit or even when we are just meditating it requires us to ground ourselves before and after. This is an important practice so we are always equally connected to the earth and the ether. So this can be anything from your yoga meditation to your breath work class. Check after you’ve finished – Are you back in your body?
  • Sugar and caffeine – We all know that feeling of a sugar or caffeine high, and when you have too much in your system it can bring on anxiety and feeling quite ‘out of yourself.
  • Working as a therapist – When you work as a therapist of any sort you spend your days helping people with their illnesses and problems. It is very important as a therapist to look after your energy and clear it after each client. This was even taught as an important thing to do when I was training as a Massage Therapist. It is very common to feel completely drained after a day of working with clients, but with using all these techniques you should be on top of it.

Black Tourmaline that I carry in my pocket when I feel the need for extra grounding.

Grounding Exercises

Physical exercises to help you feel grounded.

  • Exercise. Going to the gym or for a run is great for grounding, physical exercise in general is very earth oriented. I’ve been frequenting the gym in the early morning recently and it’s definitely making me feel more connected. Yoga will also be positive as a grounding exercise and energy exercises are often taught in class. Any exercise will pull you back down into yourself so get creative!.. and of course the health benefits are huge.
  • Stamping your feet on the ground, simple, stomp stomp.
  • Eating earthy foods – Root vegetables and food that you could grow (as opposed to a lot of processed foods that can be ungrounding) can often help you feel more in your body.
  • Spending time outside and in nature. Taking a walk in the park or doing some gardening, both are very ‘earthy’ activities.
  • Holding a crystal that is good for grounding. Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline are good examples. I often carry one in my pocket if I feel a little light headed.
  • Massaging you palms and soles of your feet. – this is a quite way to make that mind-body connection that brings you back to the moment. Even better go and get a massage if you can!
  • Take an bath with Epson Salts.

Visualisations to make you feel grounded – (as always work with something that you can ‘see’ the most easily)

  • Visualise tree roots coming out of your feet and diving deep into the ground and tying around the earths core. You can up this visual by visualising that the earth is coming up and wrapping around your legs, get that feeling of being actually pulled into being part of the earth!
  • Visualise your spine extending from your body and down into the ground.
  • If you are used to working with your energy chakras then visualise each one ‘closing down’, especially the Crown chakra.
  • Use in conjunction with the energy protection and clearing exercises from posts one and two to have the best energy cleansing swoop.

Try some of these out and let me know how you go!

A Summary

Consider these three posts as a great basis to start living in a way where you are considering your body and looking after your health. By being aware of your own energy system it means you have begun to check in and start hearing your body. I believe that our bodies will tell us everything we need to know if we listen.

Start making note of your physical symptoms and relating them to your emotional experiences, you will start to connect for instance times when you are under stress at work to your energy feeling different. When you have made these connections then using the exercises to protect, clear and ground yourself will make so much sense and just become part of your day to day routine.

I have been using these exercises for the past 14 years, everyday and now they are just as normal to me as getting dressed.

NEW Energy Awareness Workshop!

This is such an important and enjoyable subject for me to speak about and I have now started running a 90 minute workshop. The workshop can be taken as part of a group or one on one.


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