ENERGY – Part 2 – How to clear and clean your energy.

Ok, so the previous Energy post was about recognising that you have your own energy field and how other peoples emotions and the outside environment can change how you feel, hence doing the visualisations to keep your space YOUR space.


I want to help you to take responsibility for how you feel and to respect your body, mind and spirit. By learning how to recognise our emotions and how they make us feel and to become familiar with our own energy makes us able to cope with our day to day stresses more easily and happily.

So now that you have been practising recognising and protecting your energy field, what can you do to clear yourself if you notice that you feel a little energy drained?

Some scenarios in which you might notice that you feel energy drained.

– After spending time with someone who is unwell physically or mentally, or spending time with someone who speaks very negatively about life, people or things in general.

– After time spent in any environment that you aren’t comfortable in. E.g at work if you don’t get along well with colleagues.

– After an argument with a friend or partner, or any situation where negative words have been spoken.

– After a long time on public transport, just being around so many people and the energy of their day can make us feel drained.

– You may just feel a little negative yourself and that your mood needs uplifting.

I think you can probably all recognise some of these? Of course practising the visualisations in the previous post can help to prevent some of these, but sometimes we just can benefit from a boost anyway!

 The exercises  

Physical exercise to clean your energy field and give you a boost.

Put both hands on your Solar Plexus which is midway between the end of the sternum and the naval – The Solar Plexus is a cluster of nerve cells and is your Chakra (energy centre) of your strong emotions, power and will.

Take a deep breath inwards, then on the out breath, breathe out fast and voice a loud  ‘whoosh’

Visualise that the tired energy with you is like dust and as you breathe out is bursts off you, I like to go for it in a nuclear blast kind of way!

Repeat this 3 times. I notice this has quite a quick effect of making you feel more alert straight away.

Visualisation exercises to clean your energy field and give you a boost.

– Visualise yourself under a waterfall, feel the water beating down onto you literally washing away energy ties to other people and any of that dusty tiredness you could be feeling.

– Visualise your energy field being cleared by a bright white light, shining down on you in the same way as the above, blasting down and clearing you.

– Sometimes our energy can almost be tied to our partners, friends, family so a new exercise I’ve been trying recently is to visualise scissors snipping any energy that feels like it’s being tugged from me, like cutting cords that are attached elsewhere.

Mantras and positive thinking to help clear your energy.

I am going to write many more articles about the energy of words and thoughts but as just a brief touch on the subject.

Consider the weight of the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Speaking and thinking negatively about others and yourself carries a negative energy. We can all feel the power of someones words and how they can make us feel sad, upset and unloved.

The power of the opposite, positive speaking / thinking uplifts us and other people. Consider how much it changes your mood when you give or receive a compliment and how focusing on the good rather than the bad instantly can remedy a situation. When you are feeling drained, pay attention to your thoughts, by changing negative thoughts into positive ones it is an instant pick me up. Creating a mantra for yourself that always makes you feel good is also a great idea, and something to say to yourself when you aren’t feeling your best.

Thoughts are magnetic, the more you engage in loving thoughts rather than fear based negativity then the more you will notice yourself in a positive mood and also the magnet you create by this will bring better things into your life.

As I said above, I will write more on this another day, it’s a huge and important subject that I can’t wait to talk to you about.

Try some of these out and let me know how you go.

NEW Energy Awareness Workshop!

This is such an important and enjoyable subject for me to speak about and I have now started running a 90 minute workshop. The workshop can be taken as part of a group or one on one.


PLEASE NOTE! – This article is part of a series:

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