ENERGY – Part 6 – How to look after your energy while travelling.

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I just returned from a dreamy trip to the island of Santorini, a place so beautiful it feels like you are in a pretend town – time slowed down and I allowed London to sink out of my system for a few days. Perfect.

Travelling back last night on the four hour flight I was thinking, as I always do when I’m up there among care bear paradise is what the energy feels like and what my energy is doing. The art of travelling is very disorienting and energetically among the most non grounded things we can do. While you are up in the air, your energy is displaced and moving with you, and it’s easy for you to kind of scatter parts of yourself everywhere. I feel this is a bit contributor to jet lag and travel anxiety so I find energy work while travelling to really help.

When you are up in the air you are in a unique energy space unlike any other, as you travel through time your energy sphere may become more sensitive. I felt kind of woozy when I got home last night and thought I should put together a little ‘how to’ for when you are off on a journey, this is especially helpful if you are a frequent flyer and also if you are a nervous flyer ( a bit of bonus info – I used to be so afraid of flying that I didn’t fly for 7 years!)

Although I am mainly discussing flying, some of these practices you will be able to apply to any method of travelling!

These are all energy based tips and may seem a bit crazy if you aren’t used to some of the ideas. However you’ll see that I’m putting this within my Energy series, so if you are new to Energetic thinking or find this post interesting then please start out here and follow the path.

For great posts about looking after yourself in a more material way while travelling check out these travel tip posts – From Gala here and from Sarah here.

Before you travel

Airports and stations are a hub of buzzing and contagious energy, probably every emotion that exists is contained inside right? There are also spaces that are constantly being refreshed every moment with new face and new energy – a total recipe for soaking up everything and becoming ungrounded before you have even gone anywhere.

When you know that you are about to go into a busy space it’s a perfect time to get present with your energy and protect it. By starting your trip out feeling solid and aligned it really helps, it’s for sure a good a head start.

How to protect your energy before you leave home

Set your intentions

As I talk about in my Energy Awareness Workshop I believe that our intention to nurture our energy is most of the work. I always extend my morning practice to include intentions for my trip. In the past 7 years every time I have gone on holiday I’ve always picked three cards from the first affirmation deck that I ever had, and every single time I have pulled out the VOYAGE card. Isn’t that cool?

  • Make your intention to stay aligned and embodied during your trip. Ask the Universe (or God or your inner soul system – this is your story!) to help you stay wrapped in your own unique energy space. You could try a mantra prayer like the following –

As I travel today I thank you for helping me to keep my energy close, clear and aligned.

Connect your mind, body and spirit

  • Stand up straight or alternatively lie down on a yoga mat or the floor. Visualise a straight line in your minds eye and then imagine that it continues down the centre of your body. Focus internally on this line and see it as a magnet that pulls all of your mind, body and spirit together into a balanced point. As you hone in on this line in your minds eye you are drawn into the present moment and pull all of your scattered energy back to the centre.

I use this visualisation all the time, especially if I feel dizzy or disconnected during the day or before sleep – I’ve also used it with clients during healing sessions to realign the energy centres of the body.

Close down

The last thing we want to do in a crowded space is pick up on everyone else’s moods and feelings. We all have a psychic sense and it’s good to learn how to shut yourself down to avoid getting overwhelmed and tired. These are some visualisations I use after doing intuitive work.

  • Visualise a lid shutting over the top of your head. Do you ever get a fuzzy feeling on the top of your head? I notice this if I’m ‘wide open’ and while it’s perfect for when I’m working, It’s not ideal for being out in public as I will tend to connect to everyone.
  • Visualise each chakra closing, like a series of doors shutting down the body. For more about chakras and energy centres see here.
  • Visualise your third eye shutting for a snooze.

Visualise for Energy protection

  • Visualise yourself in something that feels protective to you. The intention is that you are keeping your energy close by and avoiding scattering your emotions around you and of course avoiding soaking up everyone else!

There is no wrong way to visualise. I like to see myself in a bubble of golden light, or a velvet hooded cloak. Read more about the benefits of Energy protection here and feel free to sign up for my workshop!

How to Energy clear and protect your mode of transport

Yes of course I energy clear my train and plane before I get on it….. don’t you? Ha ha, ok ok, let us go back a little.

Space holds energy of everything that has happened in there. You know that phrase ‘If only these walls could talk’, well it’s kind of true. Have you ever walked into a room where people have been arguing? and you just kind of felt it?  A space soaks up energy of conversations and events, but we can clear a space easily, just how we clear our own energy.

As a therapist I clear my practice room between each client and also my home every day as I often work on Skype. So I have a regular habit of clearing any space I’m going to sit in for a while.

So, while we can’t start waving a sage stick around our plane, we can do some visualisations. Energy is invisible so the best way to work is also with the invisible. I have a post on how to clear the energy in your home or space coming up but this is a little intro to touch upon that.


  • Visualise a bright white light swooping through the mode of transport and blasting out and soaking up all old energy and dispersing it.
  • Thank the Universe for providing you with a peaceful and calm space to make your journey within.
  • If you like to work with Angels call upon Archangel Michael with his energetic vacuum cleaner and sweep up the space.


  • Visualise your plane, train or automobile surrounded in a glowing gold light, a bubble or whatever protective imagery comes to your mind (this is your visual, nothing is wrong or right).
  • Visualise a tube of clear and peaceful space from your current location to your destination. I call this my energetic travel path!
  • If you like to work with Angels check out Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray and try out his travel prayer.

How to care for your energy while travelling

Now that you are on board, consider your seat your home for your journey.


  • Re affirm your personal energy bubble if you like – perhaps envelop your seat in there too.
  • I like to visualise everyone else on the mode of transport in their own protective bubbles too. I always seal up the energy of clients before they leave my healing space and I like the idea of popping lights around strangers.

Meditations and staying present

When we are fully present in the moment our energy is aligned and in harmony. If you can be present while travelling then your energy has the best chance of remaining unscattered.

  • I have an EMDR practice that I use on the plane that helps me stay present, especially if I get anxious. If you are a nervous traveller, whether it be on a plane or in a car, have you thought about trying EFT? Tapping is a great way to process feelings and stay present.
  • Breathe. Breathe in for four counts, hold for four and exhale for four. A quick way to zap you into the moment.
  • Take some guided meditations or relaxing music with you on your trip. If you are flying long distance then the in flight entertainment often also has a wellness section.
  • Earplugs and an eye mask – I wear earplugs throughout the whole journey when flying. I find that by shutting out all the noise I can more easily stay connected to my energy space.


When I was flying this week I had a message come through that air travel provides a powerful place to work on setting intentions and manifesting your desires. So I thought well why not? I liked the idea that I was up in this magical energy space that held bonus super powers.

  • Do your spiritual practice on board – Write, read, Desire Map. Listen.

Staying grounded

While it’s hard to be grounded while travelling by air or at a fast pace, when flying I employ one of my favourite grounding techniques with a twist.

  • Visualise roots coming out of your feet – instead of them planting in the ground you are on, see them travel to your destination and plant into your landing soil and connect you to the city you are headed to. I see this as connecting you to your destination ahead of time and it always seems to help me!


  • Try to avoid loading up on Sugar, alcohol and processed foods. They are all the most energetically ungrounded foods and won’t help with the scatter. I don’t eat plane food as it’s out of my dietary restrictions but even before then I used to prefer to take my own food on board. Most importantly, of course we all know this, don’t stop drinking water, keep chugging it down!

Recalibrating on arrival

Travelling is always a bit of a whirlwind and on arrival there are places to go, passports to be checked, people to meet and all sorts.

  • Say thank you. Connect to your new location with a thank you for your safe trip. Simple but nice don’t you think?
  • Ground yourself to your destination via visualisations, a stamp of your feet and a rub of your palms. Try out these grounding tips from my post. 
  • Try an energy clearing visualisation – It’s very quick and easy to visualise yourself under a waterfall for instance, cleaning off the dust from your trip? Check out my post on Energy Clearing for more info.

Energy care when you are at your desired destination

Once you have arrived and are able to be alone you can practice some clearing and grounding exercises. Last night when I arrived home I felt dizzy and disoriented, two ways that I know mean I am super energetically scattered. When you can finally settle it’s the perfect time for a little alone time to get

  • Practice energy clearing, grounding and then protection again. The breathing exercise I mention is a perfect post travel blaster to restore you to your own space.
  • I always travel with a crystal of some sort. Black tourmaline is a great one for grounding, Citrine for balancing anxiety and Clear Quartz for sucking up pain from being squished in a small space! And while I may just be admitting to a weird habit, when I feel out of balance I sleep holding a crystal – may swell rebalance while sleeping right? If that doesn’t appeal, you can just carry one in your pocket or sit and hold during breath work.
  • Take a Light Bath as taught by Gabby Bernstein in her fantastic book Miracles Now
  • Take a bath with Epson Salts – they are great for grounding and cleaning up your energy.
  • Have a massage if it’s a possibility! Ok this may seem like a luxury, but if it’s an option then massage is a brilliant way to reconnect to your body. A pedicure or manicure is also great as hand and foot massage are easy ways to return to your body.
  • Allow yourself to rest and be still. It’s amazing how many of us don’t make time to just be STILL. This is even more important after travelling in order to allow your energy to settle.
  • Light a Sage stick to cleanse your new space and to swirl around your body.
  • Do some gentle exercise. Slow pilates or yoga is a good way to wriggle about and check back in.
  • Drink something warm – lemon water or herbal tea is a relaxing way to feel your way back into your mind-body connection.
  • Meditate – Set your intentions, surrender, say thank you – whatever your practice is, try it to welcome you to your new destination or back home.

NEW Energy Awareness Workshop!

This is such an important and enjoyable subject for me to speak about and I have now started running a 90 minute workshop. The workshop can be taken as part of a group or one on one.


PLEASE NOTE! – This article is part of a series:

Part 1 – How to protect your energy
Part 2 – How to clean and clear your energy
Part 3 – How to ground your energy
Part 4 – Our lives online and a scattering of self
Part 5 – The energy of your words and the importance of a gratitude practice
Part 6 – How to look after your energy while travelling

How do you feel after travelling? Come and chat to me about this post via the links below.



Babe Time is back! – New Video Coaching Blogs coming soon..

You may or may not know that I used to do a podcast with my best friend Laetitia called Babetime. It’s been on a two year hiatus. Each episode we talked about well, babes, and then we had an advice section, where our listeners messaged us what they wanted help with and we went in there and talked it out. I also had an oracle section and Laetitia a style section. It was so much fun, if you want to listen to our episodes you can find them here (worth a look if only for the beautiful collages we created)

Anyway this post is all about Babe Time revamped. This time in video blog form and we have ditched the babes and we are all about the time – for you. Think your two new favourite agony aunts. Between our combined 68 years we have a host of experiences and advice lined up and raring to go.

Here is our Babe Time trailer letting you know that our first topic is going to be Body Image.

You can get in touch via email and ask any questions for us to cover. I know Laetitia and I are poised to get stuck in with some of our own thoughts and we want yours too! I’m hoping to cover some of the health aspects of Body Image – After having an eating disorder in the past combined with overcoming serious illness via food healing, I have some great tips and even some Body Image related mantra work that I want to share. Whilst working in the fashion industry for years Laetitia also feels pretty strongly about this topic as you can imagine.

So, please contact us via email or twitter, or instagram – you know the drill. Please ask anything as we are forming future episodes. You know me so you know I can cover the life coaching aspect, Tarot, Spirituality in the material world – and we both have a crossover into Fashion. Laetitia has tonnes of great style advice and blogging expertise, she is also a mother and pretty darn smart to boot. We are both very different so it’s always fun to look at topics from all angles.

We are so excited about working together again – and working with you!



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