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Your 2014 Tarotscope – This is perfect to purchase all year round. Your ‘scope includes four cards with a theme for each and so will still be of help and guidance even if you ordered in November! Love xo

What you get

  • The written Tarotscope for your sign in PDF format.
  • An image of the Tarot cards that have been picked for your sign.
  • A downloadable piece of mantra artwork, hand painted by me for your sign.

The details

  • Tarotscopes will be delivered via email within 24 hours
  • Payment is via Paypal, you can either use your account or pay via a credit card.
  • This is a Tarotscope for your Astrology sign. If you would like an in-depth and totally unique forecast please see here.
  • If you would like to purchase one as a gift for a friend please include a note with your order letting me know their email address and details.
  • If you have absolutely any queries about your order or want to ask me a question before your purchase please get in touch.

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