JdL Jewellery x Louise Androlia

I’m beyond thrilled to announce my jewellery collection collaboration with my dear friend Jessica de Lotz. Jessica and I have been friends for many years and have always had a strong creative affinity. She is a true storyteller with an incredible ability to create jewellery pieces infused with personality and soul.

For this collection I illustrated the astrological designs, reimagined through my own style, as well as designing some special symbols. I also created the artwork and empowerment statements for the cards that accompany your purchase.

Our talisman collection, ‘As Above, So Below’ draws on Astrology and embraces the concept of ‘the present’ to create a truly personal & evocative range. Throughout our journey, we we’re inspired by a 1940’s sepia photograph of a yesteryear pin-up clown girl, we called ‘Celeste.’ A talisman is an object that is said to contain a magical element to bring good luck to the wearer and the intention of this collection was to bring the talisman to the present day – where you bring your own magician.

Each piece is designed to bring the wearer inner power and understanding, with signs including the infinity symbol, an awakened eye and the Zodiac, skilfully reimagined through Louise’s unique illustrations. Each symbol has been individually engraved & then hand-stamped to form Jessica’s signature wax seals and placed in a special setting wrought with symbolism.

All Illustrations and Artwork for the As Above, So Below collection © Louise Androlia 2014-2017

Laetitia Wajnapel X Louise Androlia

PETRICHOR showed 14-22nd April 2017 and the collection is now available for private appointments at Night Palm, Silverlake, Los Angeles.

Her recent collaboration with long time best friend, photographer Laetita Wajnapel is the perfect combination of Louise’s desire to bring the world back to life and Laetitia’s unique observations of the world around her. Inspired by their joint love of California, the recent superbloom and the grounding elements of connecting to the space around you – this new series of painted photographs was born.

The photographs were taken by Laetitia and Louise painted onto them using a mix of ink, pen and watercolour.

Laetitia and Louise are also available for private commissions.