Your End of Year Exercises to Welcome in 2016

Hello again!

I always have a regular exercise that I do either on NYE or January the 1st to set myself into a positive frame of mind for the coming year. I share this post as an updated version every year and invite you to do this along with me.

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The Exercises

For 2015

It’s often that we sit down and think of all the things we didn’t do, or sit and think of everything we perceive to have gone wrong. Scrap that. The year is yours to nurture, love and celebrate, whatever happened.

  • Write down all the positive things you can remember from the year gone by.

It doesn’t matter how small you believe it to be. Anything you did that made you feel good, any achievements, anything and everything positive that comes up for you. It is very important not to use the end of a year as an excuse to call yourself a failure or say that you didn’t achieve something. The end of the year is NOT a time to count up your perceived gains and losses. Your life is not a contest, there is no ‘win’.

S0 – this list, it’s a gratitude list, for yourself and for the year itself, you might even want to say thank you for some of the challenges that you had. know that they are a valuable part of your story, even if you can’t find the meaning in them yet

  • Write down everything you love about yourself and the aspects of you that you are grateful for. Try it for a few things you don’t feel so comfortable with.

Write as much as and for as long as you like, this should be an uplifting exercise and you might find that you break through a few blocks in the process!

Be creative, what quirks about yourself have you noticed this year, what oddities or ‘weirdo forever’ parts of yourself have bloomed. If you’ve felt that this year has been a real challenge (or a pain in the ass) then be grateful for the fact that you are still standing.

For 2016

  • This is where you manifest for the year ahead – Write down what you would like to see coming in this year.

This is where I would like to give you a little reminder on manifesting. Manifesting is not forcing something into being. Manifesting is setting intentions, taking action and then allowing things to happen in their own natural flow.

Goal setting can sometimes be really restrictive. For example “Lose 10lbs by February’ or ‘be happy’, reek of restricted pressure. So rather than write down very specific things for your year, allow everything to be fluid and expand, focus on what you want to feel and try to bring in less intentions that are of a controlling nature. When you start writing, think via the process below –

Manifestation = Intention + Action + Surrender 

Intention – This shows you getting aligned with your plan, think from your highest place of love and health. Craft your ideas only from a positive source. Do not let fear be your root because it is not stable, nothing can grow from there that will serve you the best. To be successful at manifesting we need to have the plan, the vision, ask yourself. What do I really want to achieve here? Focus on the feeling, How will what you write down make you feel? – Take this idea and run free! 

Action – This won’t be what you are doing right this moment in your notebook but it will be for the rest of the year – Put your intentions in to place, be practical. Make the steps must be taken for you to successfully proceed on your chosen path. What are the steps that you can take to keep moving? Fear is immobilizing, when you take one step the Universe will push you two more. Do not be afraid, you are designed to evolve.

Surrender – Now this is the important step – and think about this as you write. You make the intentions and then what?… Well you have to SURRENDER. You don’t have to control, if you stare over your life with a controlling eye it’s like placing a jar over a butterfly and wondering why it’s not going anywhere. Everything needs to breathe, including your dreams. The surrender process allows flow and lets things to move as they should. Recognize that the intention and actions are your guide and the surrender is the force that will take them to where they should go.

When you are finished, close your book and leave this be. I have to say I’ve been doing this exercise for the past five years, each year I look back for the first time at the list I wrote in January and have been amazed at how it’s played out. It’s always happened that everything that hasn’t appeared in my life has because it was making a space for something better or was part of an important lesson in my experience.

(Check out my post on ‘how to manifest’ here)

Bonus exercises

If you want to work a little deeper and let go of some of your anxieties from the past year, try some of these – make sure you go at this with loving intent, you are absolutely NOT allowed to use the word ‘Failure’!

  • If you could go back to January and give yourself a piece of positive advice for the coming year what would it be? – Take it for next year.
  • Who did you meet this year that made you think about life in a more positive light, made you feel like there was new hope, gave you ideas and feelings that you hadn’t considered before or inspired you in any small way? – Spend more time with them.
  • What connections have been toxic for you this year? – make a point to spend more time with those who uplift you this coming year and respect that people will come in and out your life as you age, everyone will bring a message or a lesson. Allow fluidity.
  • What negative thoughts about yourself are you going to in this moment CHOOSE to leave behind?
  • How could you be kinder to yourself in this new year? Have you thought about your non-negotionables?
  • What have you seen repeat for you this year? Write down positive intention to leave behind unhealthy beliefs and actions that no longer serve you as you evolve forwards.
  • Forgiveness is a radical act of self love. When you forgive yourself, another, a situation or anything that is causing you pain it is an act of freedom. Know that forgiveness creates space to receive the new, and although it is a touch practice to try, you can inch your way their by starting with a willingness to forgive.
  • Are you ready to allow yourself to experience all that is new? Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to move forwards. Make the intention to allow yourself to experience 2016 with new and fresh eyes.


If it appeals to you, then create a TAROT or ORACLE DECK wheel for the new year. Set up a peaceful space and turn out 12 cards in a circle, one for each month of the year and a central card as a grand theme. Write down what you feel from each card almost like a piece of advice for you to heed when the 1st of the month arrives.

At the start of each month return to your book and allow that card to be your inspiration and your guide. Don’t forget to tag me on instagram @louniverse if you make one!


I love you! Happy New Year and I’m happy to let you know that your 2016 Tarotscope is ready for instant download now!


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