August Tarot Forecasts

It’s a new month so of course I have you covered for spiritual and practical nurture! Plus as always a well timed gentle kick back into claiming your experience.
Are you ready?

LFTL-augist2014First up I have turned over the Ten of Pentacles for my column on Mademoiselle Robot – This is a card that teaches us all about upping our game and stepping out into the world with purpose. We can pose ourselves the question, What imprint do we want to leave on the world? I love this card because it always inspires me to get out of my own way and keep pursuing my passions, because of course that is how we really discover our purpose.

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Next up I have written your Tarotscopes for The Numinous Magazine – Each month I tune in to each Astrology sign and turn over a card. I then sit and channel through advice for you to use for the month ahead. As always with my work I avoid making predictions because after all, Destiny is your partner in crime. My intention is to get you to feel connected and consequently empowered for your own unique life experience.

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Each month I am so grateful and excited to hear how much you love these readings and always love to chat to you about them. So if you’d like to talk about your month ahead or what you are going through then I’d love to chat with you on Facebook or over on twitter and instagram.


Louise Loves – The Serpents Club


I thought it was about time I started sharing some of my favourite items I’m wearing and using at the moment!

Through the Instagram rabbit hole I recently came across The Serpents Club – A jewellery line and passion project launched this year by Emily Tobin.

I instantly fell in love with this necklace and snapped it up straight away. I have a pretty large jewellery collection and while I stay consistent with wearing a few choice pieces, I love to add unique items to the mix. I adore that the quite frankly superb and swoonsome hunk of quartz is set within a cluster of pyrite dust, a design element that makes it stand out from the masses.

I sat down and energy cleared the crystals with a wave of sage and a night on the windowsill and then tuned up my necklace with all my requests. Did you know that a crystal is a beautiful blank canvas awaiting to be charged with your intentions?


Each piece is handcrafted and one of a kind, ordering and shipping were both quick and easy. If you’d like to find a gem for your heart then you can shop the items currently on offer here and also find and follow The Serpents Club on Instagram and Facebook.

These are my favourite pieces from the shop at the moment and they are all set at price points of £35 and under, so head over and snap up your own energetic friend.

Nevada Smokey Quartz Necklace – Smokey Quarts is great for absorbing negative energy.


Siren Amethyst Necklace  – Amethyst can help you feel free from your fears.


Lilith Quartz Necklace – Quartz is the master crystal and wonderful for pulling pain out the body as well as for energy protection.


And speaking of jewellery, my biggest secret (that is now out and free) is that I’m currently working on a jewellery collaboration with my dear friend Jessica De Lotz! We can’t wait to show you the collection!


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