Marching and Media

I felt so lucky to be a part of the Women’s March in LA yesterday. This was not an angry protest – 750k people showed up and walked together peacefully with hope.¬†Leaving Downtown a few hours later I watched with a bursting heart as the bridges over the 101 were filled with people and down below the cars were slowed down honking and cheering.

All feelings welcome and valuable.
Today and always.
Avoidance is a form of silencing, whether it a silencing of your own feelings or voice, or someone else’s.
We all know what it is like to feel ignored, some more than others.
We all know what it is like to silence someone else too.
Try and feel and speak.
It’s hard.
It’s easier to hide.
It’s easy to avoid,
but avoidance is a choice and feeling is natural.

During this new time – not just politically – I encourage you to be really discerning with the media you take in, whether it is the tv, the paper or twitter and instagram.
Every day I see quotes attributed to the wrong person made into cute pretty images – with thousands of likes, but the poster has not even researched to check if it is correct. Then articles tweeted where it’s clear no one has read beyond the title – We all do it.

There is a lot of shouting into the abyss and a lot of people wanting to be right more than they want to be real.

It’s important to understand we are always being brainwashed, and the less diverse and mindful our attention is – the more we will be either misinformed or stay in one of our bubbles. Most of us have a wide array of bubbles to hide in.
This doesn’t have to come in the form of joining a big crowd – it always starts at home.
How are you digesting your media?
Are you sharing information without actually reading or researching it?
Are you reading opinion and sharing it as fact?
If something feels uncomfortable start feeling it through and making moves as to what you can change in your life or in someone elses. I spoke a lot last year about separating myself from an area of my industry – and my thoughts about it were not the popular choice at the time – but it was my choice and I was completely informed by years of research and finally – self trust.

We have to learn to trust ourselves even when our voices wobble.

Let’s try to be in the world paying compassionate attention to our own lives and each others and see what we can do?

Let us try and be humans together.


Forget Authenticity, Just be Real

The trend to be ‘authentic’ has lead to us wearing more masks than ever before.
Getting uncomfortable with your own reality is hard. It is easy to run head first in the other direction.
We spend a lot of time running away from ourselves.
It may seem better to strive to be ‘your authentic self’ – to try and fix yourself. Or it may seem like you should to follow the trend of magical indoctrinations to teach you how to connect to your ‘highest self’.
It may seem too scary to accept who you are and where you are. The worry, the weird, the chaos.
There is no better, truer or higher self than the self you have today.
It is a relief when you realise that you don’t have to better your mess.
It is a relief to know that every day you can just be where you are and who you are.
It is ok to allow your self to be unravelled and revealed one day at a time.
You don’t need a certificate to be yourself – you can just be real.
We need more real.


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