How to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

Let’s look at Mercury Retro in a different way..

(This is a revamped post from 2012)

OH NO It’s Mercury Retrograde.. AGAIN!

Three to four times a year Mercury casts a little spell over us for around three weeks; Communication goes into breakdown, travel plans go haywire, computers break, email messages are misread, deals fall apart, the biggest crush of your life doesn’t reply to your text..

Oh and we have a planet to blame!

Seriously though… every time we experience MR suddenly people all over the place are using it as an excuse for things, even though in their every day life they don’t pay any attention to the stars or their chart. This isn’t very empowered. If you love Astrology, then study it, respect it, THEN allow it to help you! Learn to love and work with these transits. Don’t use it as a cover up for shadows you are trying to disown.

Sometimes I find myself really noticing when Mercury appears to be shimmying backwards, I remember one month where my computer broke for the entire three weeks and then suddenly was fine the day that Mercury got it’s act together. Last time I moved to LA on the first day of MR in January, a time when we are told we shouldn’t travel, but nothing was going to stop me! That’s the great thing about empowering our self help tools, is that we are talking charge of our lives and using these tools to benefit us.

Of course each star sign has different things to learn and endure during each day, month, year of our lives. I’m a Scorpio with Pisces moon and Taurus rising. I’m going to feel different to every single one of you who reads this, and Mercury retrograde is likely to feel different for us all. This is why I recommend, if you are interested in Astrology to get a reading with someone awesome like The Astrotwins, Mystic Medusa or Astro Barry and really dive in to your unique chart.

Anyway here are some ideas to tackle the next three weeks, in maybe a different way. I like to think of it as an opportunity to break some habits and maybe improve our personal ways of communication.


Communication breakdown 

Mercury rules communication, so be aware that things could be a little bit more of a challenge this month.  Maybe it’s not the best time to strike up a spontaneous argument with your lover or best friend (is it ever?) or obsessive text your latest crush.

  • Perhaps this be a chance to play a few less games? be more honest? take a break from some drama? Drama doesn’t exist unless you participate in it. Step back from social media and anywhere that is easy to get fooled by mis perception. Get back into the real world. How about some one on one time with your loved ones? aka real facetime.
  • How about using the next few weeks as an experiment practicing the art of compassionate communication. ONLY speak from compassion and not from fear. To do this it, in a situation where you feel that urge to judge or project at someone instead take it home, take it to your meditation mat, FEEL those feelings. I guarantee you that your response will be different that what it would have been in that one aggressive moment.
  • A lot of astrologers say that this isn’t a great time to sign contracts, but of course you may need to, so just use this as an opportunity to put a bit of extra love into it, be sure that if feels good, and then celebrate!
  • Oh and why not back up your hard drive? it probably needs doing anyway, right? RIGHT! (wait mine really does need doing.)


OH sweet sweet nostalgia!

Sometimes Mercury retro makes you start swaying and swooning to the tune of the good old days? or suddenly you start getting bombarded with messaged from people you knew ages ago, your old boss gets back in touch with you after years of no contact.

I know, let’s all email that guy/girl we kissed four years ago… whatttt NO! don’t do that! This is actually the perfect time to SURRENDER and clear up the past, ready for movement in the future. If you suddenly find yourself having some intense feelings about a friend, a lover, a boss, maybe this is your chance to clear them out, do a bit of a brain spring clean, work out WHY these feelings are coming up, don’t project them AT someone in the form of some sort of manipulative email. Look out for your highest self, and again be COMPASSIONATE, use this as a time to do an emotional cleanse to feel free for tomorrow and all the great days ahead.


Travel plans

Ok, why not be on the safe side? double triple check you have your tickets, try and be really on top of your plans, consider your options if things change.

BUT – If your plane/train gets delayed then you know what? worse things have happened! be prepared with books, music, journals. Enjoy the wait. I always find it strange when people get so mad about having to wait in a line at the post office, bank, bar etc.. it’s no big deal, relax, retreat into your daydreams for a moment, be still, use it as a chance to be in the now.

Always be aware that things are always aligned perfectly, so maybe you miss a train but instead you bump into an old friend or something awesome happens, or maybe not.. but hey, be open to opportunities.

NEW IDEAS – get ready

These few weeks are ideal for making plans, maybe not set anything in stone but brainstorm! draw, write, think, dream, get ready for when the three weeks end and bundle all those ideas into your future. Prepare to launch?

Be positive about opportunities, be kind to yourself, water your dreams. Use your intuition to guide you, reflect, don’t obsess about feeling like you are moving backwards, be still, enjoy it.

It’s always great to remember that stillness is still a form of movement, it just may feel uncomfortable to you, but you are STILL going somewhere. Trust in the stuck feeling and just show up for each day.


So REtrograde indicates it can be a good time for the ‘RE’ – so you may find that something from the past that didn’t get going now suddenly does work, there is definitely a bit of a ‘second chance’ energy with MR.

What other RE moments are there? Return to finish an old project. Retreat into nature or yourself, reprogram some old negative stories, reassess anything and everything, reignite your passions, relight your spirit, resolve your past.

keep moving

Finally thought that I touched on with a client recently. If anything about your interest in Tarot or Astrology is making you scared then it’s a good sign to step back a little. Nothing is more important than your empowered choices. Just because you read somewhere that a certain date isn’t good to do ‘something’ on you shouldn’t halt your life and your plans, because it sends you into victim mode. Always use these ancient tools as a way to complement your inner soul system and what feels good to you, don’t panic! I always write my monthly Tarotscopes as a form of guidance that you can apply at any time, something that hopefully helps you feel less alone, but doesn’t cause you to worry about whether you are doing something ‘right’.

Does your self help journey feel empowering or do you ever feel like you are doing something wrong? Come and chat to me about it on my social media channels.


How to Heal From Heartbreak: An introduction to Heart Rehab with Addictive Daughter

You may have noticed that I don’t often write about relationships on the blog, that is because cause I totally have it MASTERED!

Just kidding!

I believe we all have certain areas that guide us to our and my biggest life teachers as you know have been chronic pain and trauma and it’s from that place that I usually share.

However this is a topic I’d love to start exploring more and helping you with, because of course I still know what heartbreak, bad crushes and all those feelings look like. So today I wanted to kick this off by diving right in and introducing you to my friends Persia and Joey, otherwise known as Addictive Daughter who have just launched their new 21 day programme HEART REHAB designed to make your break up the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Joey and Persia have found that romantic relationships have been a huge part of their own self development and so I’m really excited that they’ve chosen this topic to dive into fully for an online course (plus so inspiring as I’m in the middle of prepping some courses for you too!)

I asked the girls if they would answer a few questions that I thought might be helpful for any of you out there who are feeling challenged with relationships or past experiences, and following that I’ve shared the link for you guys to go and check out the Heart Rehab programme.

As you know, I really like to repeat over and over again that we are never broken and this means we are also never ‘fixed’. Every experience is a chance to feel more, learn more and become more self aware. There is always something for us to go through, and often a big part of that is forgiving and releasing our challenges from the past. I’ve been working through it as someone who is single and still finding it really helpful for checking in with what pain from the past I might be still lugging about with me.



Hey ladies! Thank you so much for joining me.. so diving right in,

  • I think you guys will agree that especially with matters of the heart, we often reach to self deprecate way before we decide to self care. What do you think is the biggest untruth that we decide tell ourselves after a heartbreak?


Definitely that we’re unloveable and not good enough. It’s so easy to see the end of a relationship as failure or evidence that we’re not deserving of love and will never have it again in the future. The end of a relationship is actually not a failure at all, because it means that you took a risk and were open. That’s incredibly brave. It’s our choice whether we use heartbreak as a chance to get to know and understand ourselves more – to get clear on what we want for the future. Or, whether we let it allow us to fester in a pit of bitterness and resentment. The first way is much harder, as it means that ultimately we’ll have to forgive some pretty big stuff, but the rewards are well worth the effort – and we’ve really experienced this firsthand.


  • I love that you’ve chosen a 21 day course for Heart Rehab! truly acknowledging that in self help we mustn’t believe that anything is a quick fix. On that note however, if someone is reading this right now and feels in the depths of deep heart pain, (aside from checking out your course!); What is the one thing they could do right now in this moment to help themselves?


Stop trying to resist the feelings. Pain needs to be felt. (note from me – YAY FEELING FEELINGS!) The end of a break-up needs to be grieved, and that can only be done with a combination of time, self-acceptance and gentle self-nurturing. Just accept that things are going to be quite hard for a little while and make the commitment to surround yourself with loving people and support while you move through this first stage of grief.


  • Your course is filled with amazing in depth worksheets for each day. I especially love the emphasis on lots of writing exercises. What do you think we gain from writing as a therapeutic tool for heartache?


Writing gets us in touch with what’s really going on inside of us – with our authentic truth that we’re often too afraid to acknowledge. We will literally use anything to avoid our pain – sex, drink, drugs, shopping, social media. But as long as you’re hell-bent on escaping your pain, you’ll never allow yourself to move through it. Writing will help you accept where you are and how you’re really feeling; it’s incredibly cathartic – much like doing exercise (which we also recommend prioritising when you’re in heartbreak). 


  • You are really walking your talk and I know have really felt those heart break and soul ache blues. Looking at yourselves today in comparison to those most shadowy moments when you probably couldn’t imagine feeling ‘normal’ again; What is the one thing that surprises each of you the most about your new more positive outlook on life and love? 


Persia – I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I genuinely never thought I’d be able to not cheat on my boyfriend, or be brave enough to have a truly honest relationship as I was so so terrified of being intimate or vulnerable. Choosing to work through heartbreak and learn from it (instead of getting in a new relationship to mask over my pain) taught me how to first and foremost be honest with myself – and to love and accept who I am. When I meet new men today, they now respect and honour me as much as I do myself – it’s truly unbelievable how much this stuff works! 
Joey – For me, it was almost completely the opposite issue. I always gave myself so completely to another person, that I very often failed to focus on my own life at all! I’d become so enmeshed with someone, that when our relationship came to an end (and unbalanced ones inevitably do…), I would not only feel the pain of the break-up, but also the repercussions of neglecting every other area of my life, too. Heartbreak pushed me to do the necessary soul-searching and today, I’m recently married to a beautiful man – whilst enjoying my amazing girlfriends, a fulfilling work-life and most importantly, space for me.


heart rehab

Learn how...

Heart Rehab is a 21-day online program designed to help you turn your break-up into the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Through a series of videos, guided meditations and practical daily worksheets, Persia & Joey (founders of will give you the exact strategies they used in their own lives to heal their heartbreak and find ‘The One’.

Core program content:

  • Instructional videos
  • Daily audio meditations
  • 21 practical worksheets to help process and move through heartbreak

Get your free video and check out the course here now!

Follow Addictive Daughter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and check out their great ‘Life Nuggets’ on their blog.


What would you love to see me discuss on the blog in regards to love and relationships?

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