How to get the best out of a Tarot reading

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❤ My own Tarot Journey

I started getting Tarot readings when I was about 17 (and my first deck soon after – so 16 yrs ago now!) and used to get so nervous and excited to hear what they might say about my ‘future’. I had all these feelings and ideas about what I wanted to happen in my life.

I also used to think it was super cool when they ‘knew’ stuff about me (cause I used to ‘know’ stuff about people too) because it made me feel so much less alone and of course it was very magical. I also experienced that total HIGH when you leave a fortune telling type of reading and also the LOW that often happens when things don’t just don’t materialise out of thin air.

Back then I wasn’t so aligned to the fact that I wasn’t just at the will of the Universe – but that I had a part to play too.

I have had so many clients that have come to me and said that they had a previous negative experience with a Tarot reader or Psychic. They had been left feeling scared, disempowered and out of control. Usually the reason had been because they had been told that something was going to happen and either they didn’t like it, or they just didn’t feel that had any advice to accompany it.

I can relate. I saw a reader about two years ago, and It was insightful and in general a great experience, however there was this one thing that she said to me, after a query about my love life – “You will always have trouble with relationships”….Woah! What a weight to place upon someone? I feel glad that I am at a place where I haven’t embodied that, but really aware of how that could effect someone. It made me a little angry, I have to admit. It also reminded me of how I choose to work.

❤ Stepping into the role of a Tarot Therapist

As a teacher and re-interpreter of the subconscious I feel that it is my responsibility to help get you realigned with your fully connected self. This is so that YOU can take action, YOU can feel feelings and YOU can feel empowered.

One of the first things I explain to people before my tarot readings is that I don’t predict the future. I could sit and tell my clients all sorts of things, but if they then choose to stay locked in their bedrooms for the next six months, nothing is going to happen to them, right? It’s a simple point I make to remind people straight off that they have to participate in their own lives.

I believe it is possible to catch a glimpse into the future. I see time being stacked up, stretchy, spiralling, layer-upon-layer of past, present and future moments, all happening at once and all around us like a cascade of chiffon. As an intuitive, it’s easier to peek behind the veils, but it’s still a fluid state, a mixture of the choices we make in the present moment and a pull from the Universe itself. The present moment is the only thing that is real and it is the only place we can take action and feel feelings. The present is WHERE the magic happens. I want you to meet up with your present moment and work with it.

I like to use my intuitive abilities to help you know that I understand where you are at, and to assure you that you aren’t alone. And, you know what, I really do know what it feels like to just really WANT someone to just tell you exciting and fabulous things for an hour, to fix your problems, to just say that it’s going to be ‘ok’.


I also know how much better it is to feel empowered, full of faith in your journey and excited to get active. I also know which option I prefer.

I also always tell clients that they are likely to feel as though I reminded them of what they already knew. This is what reconnecting is. My tarot readings are a form of catalytic therapy that encourage you to reclaim your own unique personal power.

The Tarot Deck tells the story of the human experience and what you might encounter along the way. The cards are the most beautiful method of subconscious storytelling, and there is always something new to learn (stay tuned for my Tarot School soon!).

When I sit with you the cards I turn over are representative of your subconscious at the time, and I act as an interpreter to see what is going on and then hand it back to you in a language that leads you to reconnect to your most authentic and embodied self. I am also able to act on behalf of your highest self, and I step into that role to speak to you as you.

❤ How to get the most help and guidance from your tarot reading:

  • Show up with an open mind, curiosity and interest.
  • Don’t go with the intention to test your reader, this is a waste of your time, and theirs.
  • Ask questions about how your reader works via email before hand.
  • Don’t be scared – A good reading should help you feel nurtured, supported and empowered, even during a challenging time.
  • Come with questions you have about how you feel stuck right now and what you would like guidance on.
  • Speak up – if your reader is explaining something and you’d like to ask how you could work further with that guidance – ask! Your reader is here to be of service to you in this time frame, so dive right in!

Finally – a little bit of feedback from a recent wonderful woman who came to see me recently in LA:

I’ve never had a tarot done where I felt so determined to DO things, you helped me feel responsible for my goals and what I want to pursue and like I’m more of a creative collaborator in my destiny. It was really empowering.

If you would like to ask me any questions about Tarot please join me in conversation here on Facebook or email me to book a session in person in Los Angeles or via Skype.



How to Manifest: A simple three step process.

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(Looking out at my new city.)

As you may know, I just scored a major deal with my dreams and have relocated from London to Los Angeles. When hearing the news, so many people said OMG YOU MANIFESTED THIS! and I said, yeah I did! But like many other words that get thrown around one a penny, manifest is one of the biggest.

So, how do you manifest? What does it actually mean? and how can we all get on this dream train.

A huge part of the way I work is to lay down the basics for living life in a more peaceful and less fearsome way. Every day I am in contact with people who are trying to change things about themselves or their lives but skipping ahead to the action and expecting results without really understanding why they are doing something in the first place. In my opinion it’s pretty hard to change things without knowing why you want to do it.

So this is a short and simple guide to what I believe is the manifesting process. You will find all sorts of explanations in books and online, this is just what I resonate with and what works for me and I want to share it with you! You can also let me know which areas you’d like me to dive in deeper with.

Ok, here we go!

A simple three step process to manifesting.

❤ 1. Intention

This shows you getting aligned with your plans, ideas, hopes and dreams. We need to have our ideas first right?

So how do you craft your intentions?

  • Think from your highest place of love and health.
  • Craft your ideas only from a positive source. Do not let fear be your root because it is not stable, nothing can grow from there that will serve you the best.
  • Ask yourself: What do I really want to achieve here?
  • Focus on your feeling, How do you want to feel?
  • Be specific but not limiting: This may sound contra indicatory but the key here is to think expansively. For example say you are looking for a new job. If you are thinking in a limited way then you may hone in on only one possible outcome for yourself. Making an expansive intention would be thinking about the field or area that you are hoping to work in yet being open to unexpected opportunities. This is the basics of pulling in self love to the intention also – start with an open mind in order to be more creative with your thinking.
  • Don’t limit yourself, dream the biggest dream, believe that you can, know that change is always possible.

❤ 2. Action

We need the action. No one has got anything they really wanted by waiting for it.

You cannot just daydream up what you want and wait for it to magically appear. You have to do the work.


  • Put your intentions in to place and be practical. Action is a step by step process.
  • Write a killer business plan, hey even write a killer life plan.
  • Think expansively – this means being vulnerable, excited and open to all possibilities.
  • What are the actions that you can take today to get things moving?
  • Fear is immobilizing, when you take one step the Universe will push you two more. Do not be afraid.
  • Recognise that fear of failure is normal but failure doesn’t exist.
  • Care for your health. Manifesting isn’t about wearing out your adrenals. Don’t push yourself and never punish yourself.
  • Stay present and get on with your days: I expected to hear news within 6 weeks and it took 12 months. Things did not plan out how I thought that they ‘should’ but they were  in perfect timing. You mustn’t race off into the future even when manifesting! The present moment is the only thing that is real.
  • Get yourself a dream buddy. Share your ideas and actions with a friend, check in with each other, support each other. Surrender together.

❤ 3. Surrender

  • Now this is the big one! You know how I love the SURRENDER practice! – So you’ve made the intentions and then start acting and then what? —- Well you have to SURRENDER.
  • You do not have to get controlling. Obsessing over what you want is like placing a jar over a butterfly and expecting it to fly.
  • Nothing can come into reality unless it can breathe. Everything needs to be alive.
  • The surrender process allows flow and for things to move as they should. Recognize that the intention and actions are your guide, then the surrender is the force that will take them to where they should go.
  • SURRENDER THE OUTCOME – This was a big part of me and my visa process. I knew what I wanted and I knew the steps, but how can you accept that you might not get what you want?
  • Know that the outcome will be perfectly aligned even if it is not what you originally had ‘planned’. This is a humbling and difficult process a lot of the time, and we often don’t get to see the why of a situation until further down the road. Trust that the meaning will become clear to you.
  • When you surrender you free yourself up to receiving what is the best for you. I promise that you will not become ‘out of control’. There is in fact a lot less anxiety in surrender than in control.


(For when you feel unsure)

Obsessing over what you want is like placing a jar over a butterfly and expecting it to fly


As an example, this is a little of what the manifestation process looked like for my big move.

Intentions: I want to leave London, I want to live in LA! I love it there, it feels like home, I have so many friends there, I feel ready for a BIG adventure, I think it’s a great place to continue exploring my journey. The weather will be amazing for my autoimmune disease, I can work from anywhere, I feel at my best and most connected to myself when I am there. And so on. I didn’t make intentions because I wanted to hide from something or run away.

Action: I contacted a lawyer to just see what my options were. At this point I didn’t know what they were, but I knew that there was no point wishing and guessing, I needed concrete options. Then I started the process.

Surrender: This was the biggest surrender of my life to date. I wanted this, really was ready for it and my intuition and guidance from spirit was a big YES from day one. However, what would happen if it didn’t happen? My biggest fear was that if it didn’t work out how I planned then I would lose my faith in my journey. However to stay in the surrender I reminded myself that I had either way committed to moving away from London which was my primary intention and that was going to happen either way.

Everyday as per usual I woke up and said I SURRENDER. Every time I was afraid of what was ahead I knew that all was exactly as it should be. I chose to trust in my journey and deep down knew that whatever happened it was going to be just right.

Other things I did:

I got myself READY: this mean cleaning up and being totally ready to move. In another scenario – say you want to leave your job: Write a resignation letter and seal it up and keep it in a drawer. Energetically this creates the space for new opportunities to come in. For me, I did the clean up, I did my taxes and started planning what the outline of my life outside london would look like.

Oh and I wore palm tree trousers for most of the year ;)

Come and ask me your questions about manifesting over on Facebook.