Upcoming London Events – October/November/December 2014

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I’m so thankful for all the amazing people my work brings into my life and I have met so many new friends in the past couple of years who are working in my field and It’s been truly heart warming.

Up until 2015 many of my gal pals are running events in London and so I wanted to share with you so you can sign up and see how amazing they are for yourselves!

Be sure to check out their sites for all of their other work and blogs too.

In order of magical happenings..

❤ Sunday Sessions with Jody Shield.

1544945_10154747376770243_4166811919453612424_nNext session: Sunday October 26th. 10am-12pm Click to book.

You are imprinted with your past. Every type of trauma (car accident, death, mistake, first love), every memory, every emotion. We have masses of unprocessed information, clogging up our cells and energy field, creating issues for us now e.g. anxiety, depression, illness, pain, limiting beliefs.

Now you can easily release it through Light Grids, a new technique of clearing old emotions, memories, energies and beliefs from the body, mind and soul. With huge benefits and noticeable results, you’ll feel yourself instantly transform during the session… read more and book now.

This event takes place monthly on a Sunday.

❤ Your Presence is Your Power with Gabrielle Bernstein 

gabbygabbySaturday November 1st. 10am – 5pm. Click to book.

In this powerful one-day workshop Gabrielle will offer up spirit-based principles, meditations and practical, do-them-in-the-moment tools to clear all blocks to the presence of your authentic power. She will break down each techniqueSpirit Junkie style – with meditations and step-by-step guidance – while incorporating lessons from A Course in Miracles and Kundalini yoga.

This is a one off event!


❤ Spirited Sessions with Rebecca Campbell and Robyn Silverton.

10314547_839454029422175_5240852720167970881_nNext session: Sunday November 9th. 10.15am – 12.15pm Click to book.

Find your people and reconnect with your spirit. Spirited Sundays are down to earth, fun, wholehearted sessions led by Rebecca Campbell & Robyn Silverton will lift your energy and help you reconnect with your spirit. A fusion of meditation, light movement, inner reflection with a splash of all things mystical. Let’s bring Sacred back into Sunday!
This event takes place monthly on a Sunday.





❤ Awaken Your Spirit with Jody Shield, Addictive Daughter and me!

Woman Holding SparklerSaturday November 29th. 2-4pm. Click to book.

Join me and my ladies for this special event where we plan to help you release fears and step into action for the new year.

Read more here.

This is a one off event!

Location: Celestine Eleven, 4 Holywell Ln, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3ET


❤ Full Moon Urban Retreat with Jayne and Sarah.

buttonSaturday December 6th. 10.30am – 5.30pm. Click to Book.

The Full Moon Urban Retreat is all about placing yourself at the centre of your world and giving yourself permission to put you first. We’re talking about what you eat, how you move your body & kissing goodbye to the bullshit voices in your head. This is not about self improvement. This is about self acceptance. This is about recognizing that you are strong & wild at heart. Accepting that you are raw in some ways and polished like gold in others.

Read more here.

This is a one off event!

Location: Stoke Newington.





My New Jewellery Collection: As above, So below.

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All images © COPYRIGHT Louise Androlia. Please link back to this site if you use any. 

I’m so excited to announce that over the past six months I’ve been working on a very special Jewellery collection, collaborating with my dear friend and super talent Jessica de Lotz.

Jessica and I have been friends for many years and have always had a strong creative affinity. I’m beyond thrilled that we decided to team up and merge our brains into one to create this collection that is so close to our hearts.

When we first sat down to talk, as I spoke about everything I wanted to bring into the collection I let Jessica into my own inner kingdom, my never-never land of sorts. And in turn we fell down the rabbit hole together. Jessica is a true storyteller with an incredible ability to create pieces infused with personality and soul. The combination of our unique takes on the world around us has given us a non-stop passion for this project.

A talisman is an object that is said to contain a magical element to bring good luck to the wearer. I like to believe that we are the co creators of our own luck and that this collection brings the talisman to the present day – Where you are your own magician.

I believe in empowerment through self-awareness and self-knowledge and it is this message that I wanted our wearer to gain from their new treasure –Personal power and Embodiment.

As an Astrology enthusiast I was keen to bring my love for the stars to the pieces and so have designed from my heart artwork inspired by each sign. Astrology shows us that we are not victims of fate, but in fact, destiny is our partner in crime. I have also pulled in some of my favourite symbols to use and each piece comes with an empowerment sentiment and is set with a tiny crystal bringing unique gifts to the wearer.


Each piece comes with a card featuring my original artwork, an empowerment sentiment and the meaning of the stone that is set.


I am obsessed with our Moon Necklace! It has movable hands and Diamonds set within the starts and a Ruby on one finger. This one is in Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold Plating. The Bow and Arrow clasp and double sided Jdl/LA fob are unique to the collection.

Zodiac-SmallNecklacewDancingHands-Scorpio-Cancer-YellowGoldSmall Zodiac Necklaces with dancing hands in Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold Plating – Scorpio and Cancer pictured.

IMG_4469 MOODSHOT-ZodiacBrooch-Oxidized-Aquarius

Just after the first Aquarius seal had been cast in Silver – How it ended up in the Zodiac Brooch in Oxidized Silver.



V Shaped Bangle with As Above, So Below engraving  in Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold Plating – Leo pictured. 

Each piece is available in Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold Plating, Sterling Silver or Oxidized Silver and every piece is hand made by Jessica so no two seals will be the same! I also chose some of my favourite words to include as engravings on the rings, they serve as tiny reminders on your palm.

I’m so in awe of her talents, it’s been such a joy to learn so much about the process of creating as well seeing my ideas come alive.

Spinningring-YellowGold-OpenShutEye COLLAGE-HandRing-Infinity-silver copy

Spinning Eye Ring with Black Diamond and Awaken engraving in Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold Plating

 Infinity Hand Ring with Diamond with Surrender engraving  in Sterling Silver.

Combined with Jessica’s inimitable design style I hope that you will be able to feel the stories within the piece that you choose.

JessLou-Portrait-bright-TALLYou can shop the As Above, So Below collection here and if you do share or purchase a piece please use #jdlxla so we can find you!

Read more about our collaboration here.

Find Jessica on Instagram and Twitter and of course you know where I am!