Burnout – Spiritual Influence and Our Desire to be Special

This is Part 2 in a succession of posts about my experiences noted during a burnout. Read the first post here.

I would say that shifting my thoughts towards my spiritual intake has been the most significant life change that has happened due to my burnout, and due to that, it was of course one of the last things that I discovered when I was working through my subconscious and the influences and wounds from my life so far. This is another reason why I believe we must do deep emotional work, because we are often the furthest away from the things we need to see the most clearly.

Since I first mentioned discovering psychological wounds received from new age ideas and spiritual teachings I have had countless feedback from readers who were finding that my discussions on the topic were hitting something that they had been feeling but hadn’t been able to put into words. Again, like last week, this isn’t a ‘How To’ post, but instead a sharing of my story and a posing of questions that I wish I had asked myself, but maybe you can, if you wan to look into the same subject yourself.

We are at a place in the world where we have a crisis of connection, with us being pulled in a million directions away from each other, and unfortunately often some of those directions are good looking traps disguised as connection, but that actually lead us to more feelings of isolation.

There is one thing that was the major factor in why my breakdown was so traumatic and significant.

I hadn’t been listening to myself and so had been in a lot of contradictions.

No, not I hadn’t been listening to my higher self, or spirit or The Universe, or the ‘signs’.

I had not been listening enough to ME. MY spirit, MY brain. My story. My influence on myself. My thoughts had taken a sideline to other peoples. I wasn’t the one totally in control of me, and it broke me.

I had been living in some sort of a state of contradiction for a long time. Not matching my voice and my outsides to what I was thinking and feeling on the inside. I had held back my opinions and not listened enough to my true feelings.

How do we miss the warnings coming from ourself?

Because we have blindspots that have been created from the traumas we have experienced over our lives. When we are blinded we will fall into traps. None of us are exempt from this. And if we are in contradiction, we find it very difficult to see what is true and what is not.

The traumas we have experienced make us feel ungrounded and unsafe, and that causes us to feel so alone that we will always reach outside for safety. When we are in a moment of crisis or feeling wounded, or when we have not explored those wounds directly, we are extremely vulnerable.


The parts of ourselves that have never felt safe, or able to be open will fall for the unhealthy relationships, for people who only give love with conditions, for addictions, for trying to fit into any group, for becoming the tough superhero, or for everything that is unavailable.

The sensitive, weird feeling, overwhelmed and intuitive parts of ourself will fall for being told they have a special mission or purpose, are magical like no one else, are a lightworker here to save the planet, are weird and different, or here to answer the calling to heal the world.

The parts of us that have felt physical or mental agony will fall for a belief that we are broken, alone, unable to be helped and also lead us to those who promise to ‘fix’ us.

It is our natural and perfect deep feeling selves that will fall for other peoples ideas that we are too much, too loud, too big or too opinionated.

It is all of our wounds that make us fall for the traps that cause us more pain.

None of us were born with a hole that something or someone is supposed to fix.

It doesn’t matter whether it is physical, material or spiritual – When we reach our lowest points in life there is always a full menu of that which can save us and what we think might save us.

This menu is full of the usual addictions, alcohol, drugs, addictive love, food, putting other people on to pedestals, tv and media distractions and so on. There is also an entire menu from the self help industry. The myriad of options to save us from ourselves is endless, and we could be working through courses and books for our entire lifetime. The self help industry is actually now at a patriarchal peak. There is a multi million dollar industry based on showing us we need to be healed and go within, and then teaching us how to go within… via going outside of ourselves… and believing anything that the latest wellness influencer or guru who pretends they aren’t a guru but acts like a guru tells us. It is an industry full of contradiction, because it is now trendy and all the latest buzzwords are woven in.

With all this available, the idea that we could just accept ourselves totally as we are, now seems like a totally radical idea.

The other problem is that in our crisis moments, in times where we do feel the most wounded and alone – these things can save us. And I am not going to downplay some of the benefits of say mindful meditation, but as I mentioned last week, we cannot run away from ourselves forever, even if we have run permanently to a place that seems magical and safe. Ignoring things makes them worse. I know people who have been in crisis one minute and two days later they are spiritual enlightened and high as a kite on light. High might feel good for a period but the wounds that caused the crisis have not gone anywhere. At some point they have crashed back down to earth and had to do the emotional and traumatic work that they had tried to sidestep. Our intake and practice from spiritual or self help ideas should never be in lieu of emotional processing. Layering on more meditations, mantras or turning of oracle cards is an easy bypass that can seem comforting but doesn’t tend to bring lasting ease.

I had remnants of trauma within me from a PTSD experience in 2003 and from years of extreme pain and trips to the hospital. I realised that some of the spiritual ideas that I had taken on to help me see it a better light that had actually restricted me from finally completing the emotional processing I needed to do.

My blindspot in that case was that I was too afraid to look deeply at that time of extreme pain, and my trap was that instead of continuing to look at that time, I managed to jump into super hero warrior mode and be a survivor. Note to self: We can be a survivor AND be soft at the same time.

In the last 9 months, during breakdown and recovery process, the Universe did not save me. I did not recover with the help of meditation, mantras, self help books, energy work or chakra realignment. My Tarot practice did not heal me. I did not sit and change my thoughts, I did not choose happiness, I did not try and purge my traumas out of my system. I did not go deeper into spirituality in order to feel better.

The Universe was not going to save me so I had to remember that I was going to.

On the day I experienced breakdown, I received in an instant an extreme fear of things that had a link to a contained psychological wound from somewhere in my 35 year span so far. I was actually afraid of most things to start with. It makes sense now, it was some sort of protective warning and start of a series of guideposts to help me work through things. A lot of the things made sense, as they were to do with my past traumas, but not all made sense to me. I was very confused as to why if I saw any spiritual mantras, or big teachers, e.g. pretty pink quotes on Instagram, new age teachings or ideas – especially those linked to ACIM (a text which I later found had a dangerous brainwashing effect on me). I would get an adrenaline hit so strong that It would knock me out for up to a few days. It was at this point that I became completely overwhelmed by how I was going to survive, because I had been influenced so strongly that the last resort is always the spiritual practice, and when nothing else works, you hand it all over to ‘the Universe’ and you start your true healing.

Even though I have always promoted and practiced feeling my feelings, and never given things over like that before, I still felt that in this crisis I should have something else to ease the extremed pain, like we all do. We all want an easy route to feeling better, after all, why wouldn’t we?

But of course, my healing practice was going to take the route that I always knew to be true, but had never had to practice during a crisis so severe. I was going to take the not sexy, not cute, and not instagrammable route. I was going to do look to the past, do emotional and trauma processing, connect to my humanness and discover ALL my blindspots. I was going to learn how to stay in my body, feel my pain on a level I didn’t even know possible and grieve for my self deeply. I was going to show up for it all, and with no numbing options (I don’t drink and have adverse reactions to medications) available to me, this was the one shot.

Four months later there were still some parts of what had been revealed in my psyche that didn’t make sense to me and I sat in front of my therapist, took a deep breath and said “I think that I have trauma associated with spiritual teachings as an adult and new age influences as a  teenager.” When my discovery was not met with disbelief, but deep understanding and empathy, I knew that I had reached the crutch of my chaos. I have previously had clients who have left certain Religions due to finding trauma, but I again didn’t really think this could happen to me! 

Of course once I looked with my logic and intelligent mind, I had my my history on my side. I had been disagreeing with practices and responsibility in my industry fully for years, and once I hit this thought, they all laid out in front of me.

I did not want to be part of an industry that promoted bypassing human emotions. I did not want to ignore the pain of the world by pretending it wasn’t there. I did not want to support a growing trend of irresponsible teaching. I did not want to think of myself in duality terms and work with my ‘shadow’ nor did I did not want to rise above my feelings and thoughts. I did not want to promote any teaching that told people they had a special mission. I did not want to be part of an industry that promoted superiorty due to energy levels. I did not want to sit blindly anymore and wonder why this industry was predominantly white and priviledged. I did not want to only feel my emotions for 90 seconds, try to eliminate fear, choose happiness or be the light.

I wanted to now express my thoughts and I didn’t want to stay silent in places when I clearly did not. I feel as though there is enought NOT speaking up these days in regards to important world events, and as I had been getting more in touch with my natural activist it was time to commit to my own story too.

I did the work to find the point in my life where I had stopped expressing my opinion in favour of blending in. I looked at those sad moments, I felt and grieved. And then was able to finally listen to my adult self, rather than the child inside that was afraid of speaking and not being heard. I guess you could say that this is the moment where I re-found my voice.

I wanted to practice what I always knew, that every part of me was lovable. I am not a light and a shadow. I am a spectrum and all of me was worth feeling. All of me was enough.

It was at his point I started operating as if I had left a cult, with an extreme detox of all spiritual teachings and a study into what my personal beliefs were before anyone had told me theirs. I took myself right back to what were only MY experiences verses what were other peoples ideas, or imprints. For me this meant going back to a teenager when I first started intaking the ‘new age’. We do this with enough areas of our lives, look at what has influenced or imprinted on us, so why not so much with our spirituality?

I felt very strange, like I was disobeying this stream of light and love that was being directed at me. I felt quite guilty about rejecting the teachings, but this was actually what helped me do so. I knew that if I felt guilt about disagreeing with all of this stuff, then there was a reason to be doing it. It did not matter if anyone else agreed with me. I was listening to myself and I was saving my health.

It was at this point that my recovery tripled in speed because I had found the roots.

I was very fortunate that as I started unravelling these ideas, I found that a friend was going through a similar discovery. Every time we shared something it would echo what the other had found too. We has not both got there by the same experience, but our different paths had lead to the same conclusions. I am very thankful that we are able to still share and walk each other through our continued healing.

spiritual influence – and OUR DESIRE TO BE SPECIAL

When you first find your blindspots you get angry, at, well basically everything. I have been angry at myself, my parents, God, things that pretend to be God, my school, my therapist. Getting angry is an important part of the grieving process. I am fortunate to have had that friend going through what I was discovering and it enabled me to have a safe place to really vent. Like go totally wild and point fingers and all the other important stuff you need to do when you are PISSED OFF CAUSE YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT ALL YOUR STUFF!

In this case was angry because I felt brainwashed, my skin was crawling wanting to take away everything out of my mind that I had vacuumed up or been told when I was young and sensitive. The reason I wrote about media intake on my last post was because so many of the things I had found to be damaging to me, were not through my own study. I have never been a self help addict, I don’t read all the books or do all the courses. I had just taken a lot in from just seeing it. I received an email after my last post from an old client who told me that she had changed her intake of social media to great effect. Her most interesting discovery was that during her detox she would find quotes and visuals from Instagram popping up unexpectedly into her psyche. She mentioned looking into the effects of subliminal messaging and learning about the brain, and finding it very relevant to her experience.

However, after the anger, at some point of course there also has to be the ‘looking at your contribution bit‘, because this isn’t a blame game and I wasn’t going to get anywhere thinking it was anyones fault. I wanted to know what had caused me to be in the place I was in, and this is where I started investigating what I call the desire to be special.

We all have a desire to be special. We all want to be seen and heard. No one is exempt, it is just finding out in what way it appears for us.

I looked right back to myself as a child. I always liked magical things, but I also always felt different and alone. I am deeply loved and cared for by my family and have always been safe. I am in fact quite obsessed with how much I love my family, however communication between us isn’t always very healthy. Everyone in my family likes to be right more than they like to listen (ugh – we gotta get humble when we look at our behaviours!) and also is an over helper or advice giver and prone to avoiding things, often our own stuff. I did not know what to do with my extreme feelings or my extreme sensitivity as I was growing up. When I was little I would fly into a rage, and as I got older, when I felt overwhelmed I learned to run away and hide because I didn’t really know how to express myself. I wrote my feelings but I did not tell them to anyone. Something that I maintained for a long time, right up until quite recently actually. I have always been able to put up a warrior wall, a skill that I think we all know. As I grew up I was learning quickly how to numb out my sensitivity. For me it meant often blending myself in with others, rather than looking at what was causing me pain.

Feeling different makes way for falling for all sorts of things. When you feel different in some way, you want someone to explain why and at aged 17 when I saw a ghost in my bedroom, I finally had it! I was then able to fall into what I believe is the easiest and most common spiritual trap. No I didn’t learn to manage my high sensitivity and deep feeling through vulnerability, or learn how to express my emotions healthily (I WISH!). Instead I was given the perfect trap – that I was special. Suddenly I wasn’t just a normal teenager with a lot of body image issues, feeling terrified of the future, worrying about boys and friendships and life. I had a reason for my sensitivity. I was psychic! At that point, external Tarot readers, Astrologers and Psychics became a part of my life, and my ‘life purpose’ started to be imposed on me by people. I was told on repeat that I was a healer, here for a special purpose on Earth blah blah blah.

I learned to believe that I was only enough because I was special, not the truth, which was that I was always enough.

Also we LOVE to tell each other that we are wonderful based on what we do rather than who we are. I have been praised a lot over my life for my collection of interesting careers and somewhere along the lines I took them on as my identity – hence how easy it was to spiritually burn out. My life became an open door to help other people with their problems. I did not put in the healthy boundaries which meant no one had any to respect (next post topic!) and I was basically a therapist or magical for everyone all hours, and I was exhausted.

This is of course why when I started working with Tarot many years later I did my very best to not do any future telling or make anyones life decisions for them, and started to deconstruct the influenced that I had experienced. As a teen I would have readings and believe what they said and then be upset when it didn’t become true. After my experience of learning I was special I was thankfully distracted for many years by being chronically ill, falling in love, dancing, making art and being a high speed I HAVE SURVIVED MY ILLNESS warrior. But about 6 years ago my desire to feel special caught up with me again, because I was feeling lonely, because I had wounds that still needed looking at and my super warrior protective shell wasn’t helping me connect to the people that I really wanted to.

I was feeling healthy and so afraid of being un well again that I had forgotten to let my walls down to make the connections. This time I was in the falling for everything that was unavailable trap as mentioned above and I didn’t like it, I tried to help myself with another trap instead.

I chose to become a therapist to help others, and the reason for that has never changed. I had learned a lot of things from being unwell and I loved holding space for those in need. I have never tried to be popular, enlightened, spiritual, or rich and neither have my clients. My clients have been some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, showing up to work through their traumas and pain, and feel their feelings. I have loved every inch of my work, from writing Tarotscopes to hosting workshops and speaking events. I do not regret any of my work, but I do wish that I hadn’t attached my identity to it.

I loved the work but never felt connected to my industry, within it I instead have felt more more alone, and at my worst, felt superior. I have met a handful of very lovely people and gained success, but have also found the community to be one of the most isolating, and disconnected, full of a hundred and one ways to cut someone out of your life because their vibrations are too low, and a mad chase to become fixed, healed or enlightened, and then famous for it.

But of course in the majority. It is a space full of beautiful wounded humans just wanting to be seen. In every one of us seeking some sort of spiritual safety there is an unloved trauma. Getting involved in being special or having a mission can help that go away, but it does not always translate to great healing, and often to spiritual addictions.

A few years ago I experienced a very traumatic weekend at a Spiritual Retreat, hosted by a woman who was channelling a certain goddess. Their big thing was that you could sit in a special chair, connect to certain star systems and they would tell you your life purpose. It is fortunate that I disliked the woman on sight, a red flag I thankfully saw, and was also able to help a wonderful woman there leave, after she had been being used as a channel for 8 years. It didn’t however stop me from a traumatic experience from an irresponsible teacher. When I had a chance to look back at that time this year, I didn’t see anything spiritual about the place. All I saw was a very traumatised woman who for years had handed her human self over to channel spirits, given up her human life and helped others do the same.

I have observed over the years people starting to hand themselves over the ‘The Universe’ and instead of listening to themselves, only listening to channelled messages from spirits, angels or from teachings from a guru. There is a mass practice of just doing and believing everything that any spiritual teacher shares, and much less sticking to what we have originally experienced. I was very protected due to family helping me with psychic ability and to years of sitting in psychic school learning how to safely connect, if I wanted to. I looked around me this year and realised that there are thousands of people just opening up and talking to ‘the universe’ or ‘spirit’ but having no idea what that means. I was naive because I forgot that I had been taught safety, and perhaps others hadn’t, and didn’t know that just calling out to spirit, is like opening your front door, saying all welcome, and then going to sleep.

The problem with the part of us that feels broken or special is that we will put other people on pedestals. If we think we are not enough then we will stop listening to ourselves and think that someone else has a higher connection to us than we do, and that they know more about us, that they can heal us.

If we have not looked at our own feelings we will believe that someone else can read our soul.

I remember when I was doing some Tarot training and my mentor said to us to be careful with sessions because many people will put you on a pedestal and you have to be responsible in what you share with them. I have always tried to be responsible and not imprint a purpose or a future onto my clients. Something that hasn’t always been well received. I have had points where I know my sessions haven’t been esoteric enough for clients, who were hoping to get through their crisis with a reason to be special. I remember the teenage high from being told I was super magical, but it never lasted. I was still a human with pain.

Now when I look back to my teenage self who first discovered new age teachings, all I see are my child and teenage wounds, and the trap that held it’s arms wide open for me. Now that I have been working through all of those difficult times, I no longer feel any need to ignore my blindspots. I know that if I choose for it to be so, there is a new age or spiritual meaning for EVERY single one of my crisis symptoms. In fact I know the spiritual reason for all things, and I realised I didn’t often know the logical one. This year however I had no interest in seeing the box of band aids. I wanted to see my truth.

I welcomed my traumas back in and I have and am still, focussing very seriously on relearning fear.

Q: Can you locate in which areas of your life that you desire to be special?

relearning fear

I have had to do a lot of reclaiming of my dictionary. A huge blindspot for me was not noticing how the spiritual/new age industry changes the meanings of words and then teaches them to become certain concepts. So over the years in my industry I had been taking in a distorted dictionary and brain scrambling contradictions. So as of this year I have had to relearn the true meanings of fear, love, miracle, ego, truth and more, then understand how the created versions had caused me chaos and then to redefine them back into my mind. It is a long process I am still working on.

A very popular new age and spiritual teaching is that fear (or often any emotion we don’t like) isn’t real, is is an illusion or has been created by the ‘ego’. The problem with this is that fear is a natural human emotion. We have fear because we need it, the same way we need all of our emotions.

Now this isn’t a concept I ever practiced myself, but it was within me causing a contradiction because the idea is engrained into almost all new age teachings, whether you can see it directly or not. The problem being that if you buy into these concepts then, in moments when you are actually afraid, you are causing complete trauma in your own mind, and in some senses, trying to eradicate yourself. 

In every person I have seen sharing the idea of fear and the past as an illusion I have seen a history of pain, suffering and un addressed trauma.

I read a newsletter yesterday where the teacher was talking about spiritual bypassing and said beautifully how spiritual practices should never be in lieu of our humanity and emotions. However in the same sentence she then said that we shouldn’t however get fixed on our negative emotions because they are low vibration. This is a perfect example of brain confusing contradiction, and a nod to spiritual superiority.

I am relearning fear, in fact it is currently my most treasured emotion.

I have learned that if we listen to and then explore the emotions under fear then our blindspots and red flags will appear. But if not then we fall into traps. In the past few years I have experienced many fearful feelings towards some new age concepts and towards some of the people in my industry. At times I allowed these fears to be be-littled down to my own blocks or resistance. This meant that instead of seeing the message that was flashing in front of me, I instead would think it was something to do with me.

Fear can be a beautiful warning light that can show us:

That we still have a wound to be looked at. A trigger has been hit or a vulnerability is being experienced.

Something about our physical health (eg. I can get shots of adrenaline because of my AI disease and it is very important for me to know.)

That we are being warned that something in the present isn’t right for us.

Or that we are experiencing too much stress or adrenal stress and we need to look into how we are leading our lives and what our main stressors are.

None of these things mean that our fears have authority over us, hell no they don’t, but they are a natural part of our beautiful human design, and fear is not here to be eliminated. Remember that fearless means LESS fear, not NO fear.

Q: What blindspots and wounds could some of your current fears be pointing you to?

moving forwards

It was only early this year that I was in talks with a publisher about writing some books. I really really like and respect the woman who was helping me out with my ideas and that became the blindspot that stopped me from acknowledging that I didn’t actually resonate with the other books that the publisher puts out or the company itself. I also felt special because they wanted to talk to me and my wounded teenage self, wanted to be part of something. This blinded me from stopping to really think and go, no they aren’t the right people for me, and that is ok. but my experiences

I have now given up all spiritual and new age teachings. I have realised if I do not resonate with the whole teaching then it is not for me. I have been reclaiming my identity before I gave it away to my work. I am re finding my faith and what that means to me, and it will be an ongoing and personal process. I want to cultivate something that as an adult really works for me, rather than bits and pieces that I picked up from my wounds over my life so far.

All I know is that the day three months ago when I cut off being too open to ‘the Universe’ and stopped talking to Spirit, I recovered more quickly, stopped seeing nebulous new age signs (e.g. repeating numbers etc) and started seeing signs of life, signs of real human love, deeper connection to my friends and a more loving connection to myself. For me right now, my God is Life and my human spirit is my guide. I am practicing being dogma free whilst looking at whether some of my old practices such as Astrology and Tarot still have a space in my life.

I have also learned to be discerning. A blind spot of mine was forgetting to take a teaching back to its root. For instance I knew that I did not like ACIM but I in took many teachings from people who use it as their bible. If I had been less naive I would not have done so. It has taught me that if you like someones teachings then make sure to look into what they study in their personal practice. Because if you don’t like it, then know that this is what your brain is receiving, even if it has been watered down.

I realised that a part of me had always felt a little like I had things figured out. Recently I very much resonated with Brene’s words:

As I continue to study vulnerability and examine the intersection of vulnerability and faith, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that faith without vulnerability is extremism – it’s using faith as a tool of certainty. Faith becomes bankrupt on its own terms.” – Brene Brown

I realised that I had been a part of a group of thinking that sells everything as love and truth, and gives a reason for everything. That to me is extremism and blind certainty.

Instead I choose uncertainty, humanness and a desire to be enough exactly as I am.

I have been grieving a lot as I have peeled back the layers within this subject. It is actually the area of my life that is going to make the most significant difference to me moving forward. I am, however, so excited to be free of a space within me that did not feel like home and for a freedom to reclaim my identity, beliefs and choices.

I mourn my feelings of needing to be special and feelings of believing I was broken. I keep looking to my intuitive teenage self that felt not good enough, pretty enough, fun enough, thin enough and all the ‘enoughs’ and keep feeling the events and feelings through. I look to every crisis in my adult life and try to love the wound, and forgive the blindspot.

My own process in these moments of heaviness in my chest, is to remember that self love will never arrive via a book or a teacher. It can only be revealed through looking carefully and deeply, with the harsh realities of feeling shame and humility, at the events, influences and traumas in my life that installed the ideas that I was either broken, special or both.

We are never special or broken because we were born whole.

We are never alone or strange because we were born whole.

We are never taking up too much space because we were born to stand our ground.

We are perfectly designed to be us, to fulfil our only purpose, of being alive and filling ourselves up with ourself.

We are magical and special because we always were.

We have to be nothing more than more of who we want to be. 

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I love you as I continue to love me.


I write all my posts based upon my own personal experiences. I always encourage discernment when reading anything. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. 

Burnout – Managing Media and Acknowledging Sensitivity.

The term burnout, often seems to fall into the category of those health buzzwords that we all hear about but think probably only happens to other people. Before this year I have to say I didn’t really think that a burnout happened to someone like me.

When you hear stories about people having a mental burnout, you tend to get the same story over and over again (I know, I have googled it.) Someone who worked way too hard usually in the city, in a job they didn’t really like that much, drank too much coffee, late nights, didn’t eat so healthily etc etc.  I don’t drink coffee, drink, eat sugar. I worked a job I liked, exercised, meditated etc and so the concept of burning out wasn’t really on my agenda or expectations. Because after all wasn’t I doing all of the things?. As I have spoken about already, much of my piecing together of the why’s to my own breakdown this year have resulted in me finding myself feeling against the status quo on many of the usual stories, and so again I feel happy to throw out my story in the hope that it might mean that one of you out there can feel less alone.

Of course though, burnout is exhaustion, and exhaustion is anxiety. The more I have studied my anxiety (over my life so far) and also from coaching many clients over the past four years the more I believe that anxiety is very very normal, and if you don’t think you have it, then it’s more likely that you just don’t recognise how it appears in your life than you have never experienced it at all. Stress and fear are real, and as you know, I believe very strongly that we are all allowed to feel the gigantic spectrum of feelings that we are here to feel.

Extreme overwhelming life changing panic of course isn’t something that we have all experienced, but with 1 in 4 people now thought to be suffering with mental health challenges, it really is no longer something that just happens to ‘other people’, and the more we can educate ourselves on stress, our own and others, the more we can care for ourselves AND be more empathetic to others.

So, of course turns out that anyone can burn out, including me and you. (And yes, one of the more humbling parts of this year has been the discovery that I am not a superhuman.) Over the past 8 months I have been doing a personal study on my brain, and whilst I haven’t been fact checking with any neuroscientists, I feel extremely qualified to speak about MY experiences and know for sure that no one knows me better than I.

This is not a HOW TO CURE UR MENTAL ILLNESS post. As I have mentioned before, I very much do not believe in us seeking completion in any way, especially not of the ‘fixed’ variety. I’m just going to share what happened to me and one of the things I have been working on to change as I move forward.

My favourite definition of burnout is this one.


Electricity. the breakdown of a lamp, motor, or other electrical devicedue to the heat created by the current flowing through it.

This is the one that rings the most true to me, because when I hit my burnout it was like a fuse had blown. Strong enough for me to know instantly that the rewiring of my self would never be the same again. Strong enough that I have only just, 8 months later got to a point where I feel that perhaps I haven’t got brain damage. That at aged 35 I would be starting my life again. I experienced a mental and spiritual burnout in one go, that when it hit me it released my unprocessed traumas and every thing I had been afraid of spanning my entire life. The can of worms well and truly opened we could say. For the first two months of my breakdown, with dipping directly into PTSD and at the peak of my exhaustion, on a daily rotation I slept 16 hours a day, spent 3 hrs in the bath and the rest of the time wore dark sunglasses and listened to the same playlist on repeat whilst sniffing essential oils. I was lucky enough to have a safe place to land and be looked after and not have to work. I wasn’t functioning and I have no doubt that without my privileges I would have been in hospital.

As far as I am concerned, the reason that ideally I didn’t want to burnout is because it rendered the part of my brain that it turns out is SO USEFUL, the bit that gives us rationality and logic, totally inert. Of course this is because what really has blown the fuse, is the adrenal glands. The wonderful adrenals, that are perhaps one of the most precious parts of the body and perhaps the part we are also the least educated on. Over the years of working with clients with anxiety, I would say that 1 in 4 did not know the function of the adrenals. Knowing the function of the adrenals is the first thing back in 1998 that enabled me to start managing the anxiety I was experiencing at the time. (OK yes I think this is a PSA, go and study the adrenals after reading this, please and thank you.)

Anyway – when we get an overload of adrenaline we lose touch with the more rational part of our brain. This is actually very helpful when we go into fight or flight mode for real – aka what the adrenals are really designed for, to help us run for our lives. We do not need to be rational when we are out in the wild being chased by a lion, we need to survive. Of course as we evolved and life got to the place that it exists in now, where most people are over stressed, our adrenals are over stimulated all of the time. And yes this is why when you feel crazy and mad when you feel anxious.

So, when I hit burnout point, I was flooded with adrenaline, and my body didn’t really become adrenaline free until about 6 months later. So when all my traumas and fear were released I did not have my rational mind, or my compassionate loving self for that matter either. I just had an endless stream of unwanted and terrifying thoughts and a convulsing body. I have been in trauma therapy since February working through emotionally processing all that happened during the burnout as well as the years previous to that. I learned that you don’t really want to be with your entire subconscious mind with no rationality. And now that me and my logic have been reunited I have never been more thrilled. As someone who has lived most of her life in the creative and intuitive part of the brain, I am embracing common sense like a long lost lover.

When we reach burnout, we are overloaded, overwhelmed and exhausted. My burnout was mental and spiritual, and one of the reasons that I had reached this point was that I was massively overstimulated, from work, media, and relationships. In the last 6 months I have basically learned to under stimulate myself as well as look very deeply at what particular things caused my own overload.

I am going to write a few parts in order to not write an entire memoir on this one page. Today I want to talk about how I have learned a huge amount about how I take in information and the effects of what I had taken in.

How you take IN information is an important thing to learn about yourself.

I have always been highly sensitive and a deep feeler, and come from a family of sensitive ‘helpers’. When I was in my late teens I moved to London and was instantly overwhelmed and terrified. It was the first time I experienced panic attacks. Around this time I found a book about the HSP – The Highly Sensitive Person, and it was extremely helpful, but the one thing I never did was actually talk to a therapist or anyone about how I experienced life and how it felt to be so sensitive. I didn’t tell anyone about how loud everything was or how I could feel the entire world. I instead learned ways to numb it out and tone it down. Growing up I mainly understood this sensitivity as one thing, I was psychic and very intuitive. It was that angle that I leaned towards and learned to tune in and work with spirit as a way to work with my sensitivity. Unfortunately I never knew there was another option (that for a start I could close down my abilities!) or that there was so much more of a human side to the whole thing. I was only ever told that I was special, not that I was sensitive and it was completely ok and normal for many many people!

It was only a month ago that I learned how exactly I take in information. I had never known this before but have been doing it my whole life. Since I was young I have found it very difficult to separate my experienced from others. When I was a child if I heard something scary I would just wait for it to happen to me. As a teenager I blended into others and their interests very easily. As a psychic student I learned I could just climb into someone else’s body and feel all their feelings and physical pain. I also used to think I was a hypochondriac, until quite recently. As a therapist I have always been very careful to recharge after clients, so as to not take on information too deeply. This is also why I have been teaching workshops based around energy protection and grounding for the past 4 years.

I am a very visual person and I discovered that when I read, listen and watch, I replay the story in my mind as a visual with myself as the first person. I climb into the story, and feel it as though it were me. It turns out that this of course means that although your empathy gets to be very high, you are also potentially traumatising yourself frequently.

My therapist explained how when she first was working with abused children she suffered secondary trauma because she had been replaying the stories over and over. Since I realised this I have been asking friends how they take in information, my other sensitive friends go, oh shit I do that too! and then others are like no way that sounds awful! I would do it to the point where even if I read about someones mental health I would climb into their story and think ok what would it be like to think like that, and then of course, you are thinking like that. Since I have really noticed this it has been so helpful to me, because I can notice when I do it and choose not to. One way that helps is to imagine the scene playing out on a movie screen, rather than climbing into it. I am still learning this.

This realisation along with the following are the two things that have transformed how I relate to the media. It is also one of the reasons why I have decided to no longer work with clients one on one.

Q: How do you take in information? 


The brain remembered everything, everything. I know this as a kind of theory of memory, but I hadn’t experienced it in reality until this year. I have got to know the workings of my brain in a very traumatic way, but I suppose it has also been very educational in terms of moving forwards. I also don’t want to experience it again and so am putting into place methods to help me based on how true this was.

Because I experienced the contents of my subconscious/life/mind without my rationality it was very much a map of what had caused damage to my psyche and what hadn’t. For instance I had ZERO damage from watching cats doing cute things on the internet. BUT I had a huge amount of wounding from new age and esoteric teachings. In particular any new age teaching related to the text A Course in Miracles had registered, for me, akin to brainwashing and was in a strange loop in my mind, in a terrifying way I cannot quite explain.

I also have over the years taken in quite a lot of fairly violent television and movies, from zombies, to psychopaths, and so on. I also have had a number of personal physical and mental traumatic experiences and not all of them had been registered or fully processed.

We are constantly told to take breaks from our phone and computer and now social media breaks are are something people proudly announce ON social media with a hashtag! I have never considered myself a constant staring at the screen person, but like most of us I do carry a tiny computer in my pocket with me at all times, and up until recently had an instagram, twitter, Facebook account and a screen full of apps. Lets face it, there was more than enough for my brain to snapshot and I did my fair share of lapping it up.

One of the reasons many clients I have worked with have wanted to change their relationship to their phones was because of FOMO, comparison problems and obsessions with checking their friends, ex friends, ex partners accounts and so on. I also resonate with that, but FOMO has never really been one of my anxieties (shout out to my fellow introverts) but now I have been able to change my media habits purely from this confirmation that my brain is retaining everything. One of my personal habits is that I tend to click on every link I see shared and read it. So I always am reading constant articles, as well as working on about 5 books at once. I have always liked to do a lot of things at once, hence my many careers over the years (and I do love this about myself too) but also realise that It was very easy for me to start things and not complete them. Hello 100 half read books and hello to you out there who do this too.

In the early days of burnout I was terrified of my computer due to trauma triggers and exhaustion and so I couldn’t look at it anyway. I also unfollowed 600 people on instagram in order to remove triggers (I kept very close friends, family and nature/animals.) Two months ago I deactivated my Facebook, realising that anyone who I genuinely was going to speak to I have their phone number. I haven’t watched any television since February, again firstly to do with triggers, but moving forward with the decision that I want to really think about what I want to take in. Now that I am in a space where I either do not get ptsd triggers or can manage them well, I am not avoiding media but I am really considering what I want to enter my mind. I am not sure yet, and am sure will be very uncool at dinner parties with my new lack of pop culture. I have chosen to dip into the news when I choose to, for instance following the USA elections. This week I got out my laptop and couldn’t think of a page to load up. It felt really good.

A few months ago the burned out part of my brain recovered, and I was able to start reading again. I have found that without the overload aspect I now have the focus to really read and take in the information, finish the book and think about it. I also have only read books or articles that were of particular interest to me, rather than just mindlessly hoovering up the internet. I feel as though I have not been able to concentrate this well, perhaps ever.

Q: What media do you take in frequently that you would not like to experience without your rational mind? (and yes I don’t think I want to ever have to see Donald Trump without my rational mind either!)

Ok that is all for now. In terms of the other aspects of burnout. I will be discussing emotional processing, practicing vulnerability, how I changed my meditation and wellness practice and a very important one – the process of putting into practice healthy boundaries.

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I love you as I continue to love me.


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