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Other therapists that I recommend

Adam Beaumont – Adam is a Cranial Osteopath and Acupuncturist based in South London. I have been treated by him for the past 12 years and could not recommend him more highly.

Health & Education

Sarah Wilson – Sarah has the same Autoimmune Thyroid condition that I do and her site is full of great inspiration.
Look here for – Advice about a living on a sugar free diet & articles with a positive attitude to living with chronic illnesses

Essentials for Health -  Holistic Massage, Sports Massage and Infant Massage courses based in London. If you are interested in becoming a Massage therapist then these courses are top of the league, great tuition, inspirational teachers and a very supportive programme.

Positive and Inspirational people

Gala DarlingGala has a plethora of amazing articles on her site, full of positive words and engaging ideas to enlighten and brighten your daily life. First stop – check out her ‘Radical self love’ project.

Spiritual guidance

TutMike Dooleys thoughts and his ‘Notes from the Universe’ are my favourite daily emails, ever a push in the right direction.

The London College of Psychic Studies - I attend classes here. They have a wonderful library and a huge selection of lectures, workshops and classes. If you live in London and have interest in developing spiritually then it’s the place to go.