hello-imgI’m Louise, I am an Artist, Writer, Emotional Mentor and Woman dedicated to feeling my full spectrum of feelings and helping others do the same.

I believe in emotional honesty and discovering our humanness aka discovering the parts of ourselves and the world that we are so often numbing out from. My personal challenges have shown me what it is like to feel deeply disconnected from my self and the world and it doesn’t feel good. I strive to show up and be truthful about my experiences, to myself and to you.

I do not believe in promoting a false end game such as success, abundance, peace, happiness or enlightenment. I believe we have a bigger and broader spectrum of emotions and experiences to feel and seeking a black and white life is not only personally damaging and limiting, but cuts us off from connecting deeply in our relationships and how we view the world at large.

In today’s climate it may seem like a radical act to truly love, trust and accept ourselves and each other, but by understanding and valuing our experience, we can deepen our sense of presence and compassion, and then work out how we can contribute.

Over the years I have taken on many roles and you may have ended up on this page because of one of them: Life Coach, Lingerie Designer for my own Lingerie Brand ‘Loulou Loves You’, Nanny, Tarot Therapist + Tutor, Energy Healer, Writer, Massage Therapist and Public Speaker.

I have five years experience working in fashion industry followed by five years in the self help and spirituality industry. I now currently focus on whatever medium enables me to most connect to myself and others.

I have a special interest in PTSD, Chronic Pain, Vulnerability, Mental Health and Animal/Environmental Support – All subjects that have impacted my personal life in some way over the years.




You can commission portraits, articles and illustrations from me. For recent work please check out the Collaborations and Art pages.

I have been commissioned for writing within the self help, motivation/inspiration and spiritual community for the past five years and am open to write and comment on mental health, feeling feelings, the self help industry, chronic pain, spirituality and healing exploration.

I also love creative collaboration and my most recent endeavours have been collaborating on my first jewellery collection ‘As Above, So Below’. and on a Glitter Fringe Banner with FUN CULT, and if you want to make some art with me let’s talk.

I am currently based in Los Angeles, California.