I’m Louise, I am a woman dedicated to feeling the feelings of the human experience and helping others do the same.

Over the years I have taken on the roles of Life Coach, Fashion Designer, Tarot Reader, Healer, Speaker, Artist and more, but I now currently focus on Writing and whatever medium enables me to most connect to myself and others.

I also love creatively collaboration and my most recent endeavours have been collaborating on my first jewellery collection ‘As Above, So Below’. and on a Glitter Fringe Banner with FUN CULT. Octopus hands I like to call it.

I am currently based in Los Angeles, California but was born and grew up in England.

I believe in empowerment through self awareness, self knowledge and discovering out humanness. We also are, in various forms, constantly lead away from our human connection to self and others. It is easy for us to numb out, and there are so many ways to bypass our feelings. My personal experiences through life so far have shown me what it is like to feel deeply disconnected from my self and the world and it doesn’t feel good.

I am dedicated to helping others feel less alone and more connected. I am an activist for LOVE.

In todays climate it is a radical act to truly love ourselves and each other and whilst it may seem like a terrific mess to try and change ourselves or the world, but by understanding and valuing our experience, we can deepen our sense of presence, and compassion, and then we can be of service.

I have found faith and healing through addressing my darkness, valuing my feelings and getting to know my fears. I do not believe in throwing glitter at a problem, I love to dive in deep and work from the inside out.

So here is a quick fire look at my story:

Feeling spirited has never been a problem for me. At age three, my parents found me casting spells in the backseat of the car and from that point on I was—and forever will be—enraptured by magic and miracles. I have always been highly intuitive and felt a strong connection to my inner guidance and the spirit world, this has always been ‘normal’ for me, and has always given me an ease with understanding others, but also at many times left me feeling isolated within my own wonderland and gave me a reason to spiritually bypass the pains I found in being human.

In my early twenties I became seriously ill with a chronic pain condition and and following that suffered a psychological trauma and PTSD. I recovered and dedicated myself to getting to know ‘me’ again. When I suffered a serious burnout and breakdown over ten years later I knew that my own practice of self love needed more attention. I had spent the years after my physical recovery in ‘survivor’ mode, and although that enabled me to achieve some really exciting things, it had left me locked in a safe space and I found it difficult to receive all the love that I had in my life, though had no problem giving it out. I realised that It was time for me to commit to ‘walking my talk’ on a deeper level and I turned off the media, stopped checking out from my darkest places and truly felt it all.

I believe this is a continuous journey and there is no such thing as being fixed, enlightened or perfect. We are not broken, we are evolving. Happiness and success are not destinations and there is no such thing as enlightenment. Joy and peace are found in single moments.There is no guru and we are always walking side by side to each other sharing common feelings, thoughts and experiences. It is only our disconnection from our own vulnerability and each other that causes us to feel alone.

I am committed to constantly shaping and reshaping my experience from the root up in a way that feels authentic and from love. I am committed to being human and knowing that it is ok to feel it all.  We all very often feel alone, yet our fears are shared by more people than we could ever realise. Our only job is to show up for the experience, fully and completely, in all it’s pain and glory.

I work from my own experiences and practice the lessons I share every single day. I can’t wait to meet you!

My sun is in Scorpio, rising sign is Aries and my moon is in Pisces.

Should you need it, my ‘official’ bio is below.

Stay Human,




Louise Androlia – BIO


Louise Androlia is a Writer, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Artist from the UK and now based in Los Angeles, CA. She works with clients one on one, in groups and through writing and believes that our humanness is our super power. At age three, her parents found her casting spells in the backseat of the car and growing up, she was—and forever will be—enraptured by magic and miracles. She is on a constant quest to help people connect to themselves and others and loves teaching people how to feel their feelings.

Louise is completely unapologetic about honouring her journey and claiming her experience, and she wants you to do the same. In a world where so many people are feeling overwhelmed by what to eat or how to live she isn’t the cookie cutout version of a coach that you might conjure up. She will show you get to know your mind-body and spirit, stop numbing out or spiritually bypassing and crash you with full force back into your human experience. 

As a catalyst for positive change Louise speaks with openness about her own past and present challenges and uses her experiences to work with clients by helping them understand as much as possible about their unique balance. She guides her clients to rediscover and reclaim their personal power by helping them to reconnect their mind, body and spirit. She has always been highly intuitive and her ability to tune in to the guidance that a client needs is unique and successful.

At 21, Louise became seriously ill with a chronic pain condition. She gave up her life as she knew it. Feeling failed by the healthcare system, she turned to alternative healing methods, which felt natural. Over the next five years, she recovered from her physical illness and PTSD via a diet change, a combination of holistic therapies and a shift in perception. Once better, Louise ran a celebrated handmade lingerie brand for five years and still continues to make art and collaborate creatively with enchanting friends around the globe.

Louise sees her journey as a gift, so that she could guide others to know that they are never alone on their journey. Her experiences continue to cause her to break down and crack open to a new way of living and thinking. She learned to proceed with a holistic and spiritual outlook and now helps others do the same via practical and inspirational coaching and guidance. She uses the experiences that she has overcome as the energy to encourage others that they can do the same.

Louise’s blog features regular posts offering guidance and inspiration so you feel supported in making change. As a speaker Louise unites groups of people together to break through their fears and feel empowered to move on with their journey.

Louise writes regularly for The Numinous, Mademoiselle Robot and Live The Process.

Her most recent endeavour is the launch of ‘As Above, So Below’ a modern day talisman jewellery collection in collaboration with Jessica de Lotz. For more information about the collection please click here.

She is available for one on one consults, article commissions, as a speaker for events and would love to hear from you.