I find empowerment through self knowledge. I believe that by understanding ourselves then we have the ability to also be able to react better to and respect the people and world around us more, knowing that we are all on our own unique paths.”

“Even when things seem uncertain I understand that there is a magic that goes far beyond illusion and is a force of nature in itself, an energy that is available for us to create the life we desire.”


I feel very grateful that my experiences have taught me to reconnect my Mind, Body and Spirit together and believe my continuing journey now lies within guiding others to find the same. I believe that if we get to know everything about ourselves and nurture all those aspects then we have the ability to get the best from our experience and create the futures that we desire. I believe it’s essential that we honour our journey and it’s twists and turns. It’s ok not to feel ok! happiness is not a destination – Joy is found in single moments.

My own healing journey began 12 years ago when I became seriously ill with a chronic pain condition. After feeling like the healthcare system was failing me and didn’t suit me I recovered using only alternative health methods. In this period I also experienced trauma and consequently suffered from PTSD. Physical pain taught me how to tune back into my physical body and  PTSD taught me how we have a control over our own thoughts - My experiences required me to break down and understand how my body worked. I chose to start living Holistically and now continue to always try to listen to my body and respect it.

At age three, my parents found my casting spells in the backseat of the car. Growing up I was—and forever will be—enraptured by magic and miracles. I have always been highly intuitive and felt a strong connection to my inner guidance and the spirit world, this has always given me an ease with understanding others. Over the years I developed my energetic connection and nurture my spirit as much as my mind and body.

I believe life to be a process of learning to love, heal, learn and teach, that is my get up and go, and I can’t wait to meet you! I can work with you via one on one coaching and Tarot sessions and through workshops. You can also visit my shop for Yearly Tarotscopes and read my monthly columns for The NuminousMademoiselle Robot and Live the Process. My ‘official’ bio is below.

Outside of my practice you can find me working on my book, painting, happily stuck in dog traffic jams, sleeping amongst piles of books on my bed, at Disneyland, out of the city as much as possible, studying Astrology, making magic, feeling feelings and doing my best to put one foot in front of the other.


Bio -

Louise Androlia


As a catalyst for positive change Louise speaks with openness about her own past and present challenges and uses her experiences to work with clients by helping them understand as much as possible about their unique balance. She guides her clients to rediscover and reclaim their personal power and supports them in their choice to move forwards into a healthier and more confident lifestyle.

louiseandrolia-LTPLondon-based Louise Androlia works with clients through a combination of Intuitive Coaching, Healing and Tarot guidance. She grew up in the rolling countryside of England. At age three, her parents found her casting spells in the backseat of the car. Growing up, she was—and forever will be—enraptured by magic and miracles. At 21, living in London Louise became seriously ill with a chronic pain condition. She gave up her life as she knew it. Feeling failed by the healthcare system, she turned to alternative healing methods, which felt natural.

Over the next five years, she recovered from her physical illness and PTSD via a diet change, a combination of holistic therapies and a positive attitude. Once better, Louise ran a celebrated handmade lingerie brand for five years and still continues to make art and collaborate creatively with enchanting friends around the globe.

Twelve years on from the start of her healing journey, Louise sees her period of suffering as a gift, so that she could guide others to know that they are never alone on their journey. Her experiences cause her to break down and crack open to a new way of living and thinking. She learned to proceed with a holistic and spiritual outlook and now helps others do the same via practical and inspirational coaching and guidance. She uses the experiences that she has overcome as the energy to encourage others that they can do the same.

As an Energy Expert Louise is currently running an ‘Energy Awareness Workshop‘, an inspiring lesson teaching you how to avoid taking on other peoples energies and how to protect and clear your space when you do.

Louise’s blog features regular posts offering guidance and inspiration so you feel supported in making change. As a speaker Louise unites groups of people together to break through their fears and feel empowered to move on with their journey.

Louise contributes monthly Tarot Forecasts for The Numinous and Mademoiselle Robot and writes a monthly column at Live The Process,

She is available for one on one consults, article commissions, as a speaker for events and would love to hear from you.