It Was You All Along

The right direction is the one where you believe in your self.
Not the self that someone else told you to believe in.
The one that you are uncovering daily.
No not the direction that the psychic or healer or friend or article told you to go in.
Not the place where they told you you were from.
The place you are walking towards.
Isn’t one that anyone else knows.
Let alone you.
The uncovering of your aliveness hasn’t been done before.
There is no saviour.
No one person is here to cure you.
You cannot be cured of being yourself.
You don’t need anyone outside of you to tell you how to get to yourself.
You are already here.
Waiting to be seen.
Feeling by feeling.
Unwrapping a gift.
Given to you.
By the best person to see you.
It was you all along.
You were perfectly designed.
To be you.


January 22, 2017

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February 17, 2017

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