Conversation with the Universe 31/12/12

You can feel it, don’t be afraid, tap in, switch on..

You have the world at your fingertips waiting to be asked, use it, make the most of what this life has bestowed upon you, take your gifts and hand them out one by one.

Heal yourself, open yourself up to people and let them experience the real you, don’t be afraid, don’t worry what people think. It doesn’t matter where you fit in, because if you fit in with yourself and then you radiate that out beyond. Life is bigger than judgements that you assume people make. Everyone is living their own world and walking their own path, we just cross each others here and there like twine rolling together.

What makes you happy? live inside it, work at it, mould it into your dreams, people will be drawn to your ideas and your ways YOUR WAYS, you don’t need to be understood by the whole world if you can work out how to see yourself.

Make ideas, draw dreams, visualise everything. Love love love, don’t let fear manifest into behaviour that you don’t like, don’t accept fear as an option, choose love every moment, every day.

Be amazed, be amazing, dive in to everything, experience things, start, keep moving, let the Universe push you when you feel weak, let yourself fall upon those who care for you, take advice, don’t live what other people say but listen to them. Follow your guides, listen to your inner voice, learn to wander from negative ways, pounce upon the positive, grab it like a gift.

You can have everything you want, you don’t need to be afraid. It’s all here right now, step up to the table, put your skin on, feel how good it feels. Feel everything, feelings, Keep going, you can do it, that’s what you are here for.

It’s time.

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