Cycles, Change and Exercises for the beginning of a new world.

So maybe you heard that the world was ending? SURPRISE!

Ok, no it’s not, but something is changing and maybe you’ve noticed or you’re just noticing it.

2012 has been loaded with experiences, happiness, pain, joy, everything. Back in November when a friend asked me how I was, my reponse was “I’m just sitting here feeling all my feelings at once”. It wasn’t a bad thing and my 2012 has been a positive time, but the sentiment really summed up this year well.

I’ve seen friends go through more change, pain and success than ever before. I’ve explained to friends and clients that this year has been the spin cycle of our life, everything washing through, super fast, the Universe forcing you to deal with all you’ve ever needed to, opportunities flying from here and there, everything new, old and unexpected at once, feeling like you’ve been spat out over and over again. It’s come in its best and worst forms, the most toxic of relationships, the perfect job opportunities, the greatest of losses. The only way to cope was to feel everything, experience everything and to surrender knowing that it was the only way to move on.

The biggest thing I have noticed has been that the Universe has thrown prompts from every direction, to get us to move forwards, to make positive changes and to get to a point to choose the life we wish to lead. I chose at the start of the year that I would do my best to visualise the life I wanted and to take the steps to get there and to endeavor to move ahead of everything that I was letting hold me back.

Today marks 12.12.12, we will never see a date line up like this in our lifetime again, that alone is pretty interesting to me. Following that the 21st of December marks the Winter Solstice, or otherwise known to some as the end of the world, said so because it represents the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar.


The cycle is something I think about all the time, the symbol of the Ouroboros, The World and the Fool cards in the Tarot deck, Scorpio as an astrological symbol and the Greek Mythological bird the Phoenix. I love the symbolism of the Phoenix so much, the ability to rebirth after death over and over. Now that’s a super power.

I try and use it as the constant reminder in my life to keep myself moving forwards, to allow a flow. I use the word ‘flow’ as a mantra, reminding me that this winding path I follow is constantly moving, if I allow myself to step upon it.

An end is never an end because it’s a beginning too.

The tarot deck ends with The World and begins with The Fool, when you arrive to completion you start back again, fresh with wide eyes, ready. The Death card doesn’t signify physical death but the death of something, the moving on from something, the starting of something else, the knowledge that if you ride on out of the darkness there is light ahead.

I’m a Scorpio, with that supposedly comes the ability to cope well with change, that this ‘Death’ card is built into me. I used to find change a real struggle, I had anxieties about the future and was afraid of ‘what ifs’ all the time. I panicked about what was ahead and found sadness in what was behind me.

When I spent years in my early twenties seriously ill, I felt weak, I didn’t know what to do with my present moment, but I kept on going and learned to welcome in change because it was there next to me, shouting at me in the face and with my health I had no choice but to surrender to it. Years later I learned that this period was one of my life cycles, it had a very obvious beginning, end and renewal to the next part of my life, I understood it as part of my journey, a series of cycles, all with lessons to learn. I try to now embrace these changes because change is going to happen whether we like it or not.

What does the idea of ‘The end of the world’ mean to you?

To me I know it’s the beginning of a new world, and I have my own belief structure about time, space, dimensions and spirituality. But beyond that as a concept on it’s own, I feel it’s a huge opportunity to take this idea as a catalyst for positive change.

Whatever you believe in, the idea of the end of the world probably sparks something inside of you. I said to myself, what if the world was actually going to stop on the 21st of December, what would I do? where would I go? to whom would I speak? and who would I want to be?

It so simply fell down to love. In an ideal situation I’d want to spend time with people I care about, let go of ideas and habits that were no longer healthy for me, enjoy life, have fun, say yes to opportunities, be kind, be giving, leave fear behind.
Faced with the end of the world I would hope that I wouldn’t choose to think negative thoughts about myself, spend it with people who made me not feel or act my best, be unkind to others, to be fearful, angry, sad or to carry punishing thoughts with me.

The only thing we can be 100% sure of is the present moment, we can make plans for tomorrow, next week, next year, but everything is open to change at any moment. The future is ours to create and the only moment is now so shouldn’t every single moment be attempted to be treated with the love that you would choose for the end of the world?

The Exercise

I always end every year with an exercise for myself, for what I want to leave behind and what I want to visualise for the new year. I feel this year has extra power behind it, so between now and the end of 2012, turn a page and try some of these, tell me end of year exercises that you like to do or create something similar and see what comes up.


– The first thing and I believe the most important is to write down all the positive things you can think of from this year, it doesn’t matter how small you believe it to be, even one smile to a stranger counts. Anything you did that made you feel good, any achievements, anything and everything positive that comes up. I feel it’s important to look back on a year and celebrate it rather than say oh I should have done this, this or this.

– If you could go back to January and give yourself a piece of positive advice for the coming year what would it be? – Take it for next year.

– What new people did you meet this year that made you think about life in a more positive light, made you feel like there was new hope, gave you ideas and feelings that you hadn’t considered before or inspired you in any small way?

– What connections have been toxic for you this year, can you identify the negative things that they made you feel that you would like to leave behind?

– Who have you met in the last couple of months that you’d like to see again? This year has been loaded with synchronicities so if you met people or felt a positive impact from a situation, think about reinforcing these positive connections, or take from the experience the good things and hold them as reminders from what you want from your future.

– What negative thoughts about yourself are you going to in this moment CHOOSE to leave behind?

– List all the traits in yourself that you love and are thankful for.

– What bad habits or cycles can you see that have repeated themselves for you this year? Write down a wish to leave behind unhealthy beliefs and actions that no longer serve you as the new version of yourself with a healthy body and mind.

– What new thing do you want to learn next year?

– If you could achieve one thing next year, what would it be?

– If you could achieve ten things next year, what would they be?

– Write or draw a positive dream vision for 2013, there are no limits, everything is possible.